Sunday, February 15, 2009

Performance is the only reality

Words are words
Promises are promises
Explanations are explanations
But only performance is reality.

More than forty years after the
Maoists began their people's war in India
they have only delivered on words,
promises and explanations.

But when one does a rational
unbiased evaluation of their
performance they fail miserably
on all parameters.

Moreover they will not be in a position
to perform anytime soon.. because
even if they do capture power,
holding on to it is going to be another bloody story..

If any of guys have read about Lenin's Red
Terror in Russia which was unleashed
after the failed assassination bid on Lenin's life
then you must understand that the Maoists will
also have to unleash
something similar here.

Which means another bloody civil war
after grabbing power at the end of which
there is no guarantee we will even have a
country left..... LOL

Well just some thoughts I felt I need to
scribble down....

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