Sunday, February 22, 2009

3000 Ex-Naxals join Praja Rajyam

For those who don't know Praja Rajyam(Peoples Rule) is a political party which was launched by Telgu Filmstar Chiranjeevi at a mega rally in Tirupati which was attended by nearly 10 lakh (one million) fans in August 2008.

So will PRP be able to perform ? or are these ex maoists all
set to be disappointed again ?

We will know soon.. 2 months left for elections... 
Lets hope chiranjeevi doesn't end up like another

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3,000 ex-Maoists line up to join Chiranjeevi's party

HYDERABAD: Hundreds of former naxalites, who jettisoned the Maoist movement in the last ten years will join the Prajarajyam Party on February 28.

According to party sources, around 3,000 former militants of various factions of the CPI (ML) and CPI (Maoist) will join the newly-floated party in Hyderabad in the presence of PRP chief Chiranjeevi and Yuvarajyam president Pavan Kalyan.

A part of the crowd during the launch of the party

This was the culmination of around six months of hardwork to mobilise the former rebels and bring them into PRP. The association of Marxist-Leninist singer Gadar and other pro-naxal intellectuals with the actor are said to have coordinated the move.

First meeting of the former naxalites was organised in Guntur in December last attended by over 800 people. The meeting was addressed by Dr P Mitra, party’s senior leader.

“In fact we wanted to organise a meeting in each district. But, due to logistic reasons and lack of time, a state-level meeting is planned in Hyderabad on February 24,” former People’s War activist I Satyanarayana told STOI.

Satyanarayana, a native of Guntur, was a member of the erstwhile Radical Youth League. He quit the extremist organisation due to personal reasons. “Even though thousands of people left the movement long ago they are not able to lead a peaceful life because of the hostile attitude of the police and lack of support from the government. So, they feel only PRP can restore a sense of security among them,” Satyanarayana said.

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  1. That's how sometimes we have to belive somebody let's see how this hatches. then we discuss


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