Friday, March 06, 2009

CPI(Marxist) News

There is a striking difference between communists(those who divide society on the basis of class) and communalists(those who divide society on the basis of religion) in this country. 

The difference lies in the fact that communalists in 
India almost never acknowledge class as a real issue 
nor take up any class based issues , but the communists 
on the other hand(marxist or maoist) are all involved in 
some religious cause or the other.

In my opinion, religion and it's subset caste will 
continue to remain the center around which Indian 
politics will be played. 

Don’t be surprised if you spot Osama posters at CPM rally

NEW DELHI: CPM, which has been travelling along with radical Islam, is piling pressure on allies to back its plans to field a nominee of Islamist leader Abdul Nasser Madani for the Ponnani seat in Kerala.

The decision to award ticket to a Madani follower has not gone down well with CPI as the party had traditionally contested the seat. Outfits like Jamiat-e-Islami and leaders of the Sunni sect have been lobbying with the CPM leadership for awarding the Lok Sabha nomination to a leader who shares their world view.

Although the alliance between CPM and Islamists may look bizarre to outsiders, the Left in Kerala has been a beneficiary of their affection. With the waning influence of IUML, radical elements in the community have been moving away from the Congress-led front. Just like Left movements elsewhere have worked their way up by exploiting extra-territorial grievances of the Muslim community, the Kerala CPM have been engaged in sustained anti-US and pro-Palestine campaigns in the state.

The biggest audience for the manufactured outrage over Danish cartoons on the Prophet, protests against India’s engagement with the US and solidarity for Saddam Hussein were provided by the northern districts of Kerala.

With the two sides of the political aisle vying with each other for a larger share of the minority vote — the Muslim vote alone accounts for 20% — the competition to appease leaders like Madani is certain to intensify in the coming months.

CPM seems unconcerned by the fact that Madani, exonerated for lack of evidence in the Coimbatore blasts case, still faces around 20 cases in Kerala, which includes spreading communal hatred. The Left elite and liberals had organised a massive ‘civic reception’ for Madani in Thiruvananthapuram when he was released from the Coimbatore jail.

Kerala was in the news recently for its spotty record on fighting terror-financing when the high court directed the state government to take immediate measures to track the source of Rs 4 million hawala funds that landed in Kondotty village of Kerala. State home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was forced to admit in the assembly that illegal transfer of money to the state by agents abroad is a Rs 100-million-a-year business. 

The minister also told the assembly that investigations into some of the cases showed that people involved in this illegal trade had links with anti-national forces. The state intelligence set up is also suspecting a portion of these funds sustaining the radical Islamic outfit NDF.

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