Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Red Alert - The War Within - Releasing sometime in early 2010

Red Alert- The War Within is based on the true story of Narsimha, a farm laborer, who desperately needed money to fund the education of his children. He finds himself in the midst of Naxalites where his mission becomes a mere subset of a greater cause that the militant's pursue.

From being a mere cook to actually training in weapons to being involved in shootouts and kidnapping, Narsimha himself in the thick of life he had never bargained for. A confrontation with the group leaders turns his life upside down; he is now on the run from both law and the militants.

Narsimha has to take one vital decision that could make or break him. But the decision ends in creating a conflicting situation that has him torn between conscience and survival. Red Alert– The War Within hurtles towards a cathartic end that blows apart a few myths about life and the complicated systems that engulfs it. Red Alert– The War Within is a volatile account of today's times…culled straight from today's torrid headlines.

‘Naxalites are not bad guys’

...says Suniel Shetty

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Red Alert - Trailer

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  2. Hiiiiiiiiiii where is kishenji....hope he is not hurt....we are all very worried...

  3. I do not think that what media is telling us can be true at all. Terrorist word does not go with naxals as they are not enemy of any religion, caste or creed. They are fighting with the state, and state is somehow refusing to consider what they are saying. There is no doubt that tomorrow we all come to know that it was all about developing forest land in townships and cities and for this all these atrocities were committed.

  4. ya offocure the state will refuse to listen to what they have to say when they keep firing at the state you motherfucking stupid cunt. where is your fucking brain, give up the arms and violence and killing of people and police and may be they'll talk to you. fuck you all for sympathizing with these scum, they are fucking desh drohis, fuck you all,
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  5. i will report this to the CBI, IB and other organizations, hope you sympathizers get locked in deep dungeons and get raped over and over agin you fucking traitors...whoever runs this webiste you better fukcing run you son of a whore.

  6. All you Naxalite motherfuckers will be raped and killed. You will pay for this massacre.and all your sympathisers like that whore Arundhati Roy.

    Wait till your kids cry when they see their fathers murdered as mercilessly as they have killed CRPF jawans. That behen ka lauda Kisshenji will be the first to go and then all his cronies. Mark my words, your movement is dead now.

  7. you have any questions. as I assure you I am a serious and would very much like to do business with you.

  8. There is a difference between naxals and terrorists and naxals. Naxals do no have any religion. Whereas terrorists fight on the name of religion. Their goals are entirely different from terrorists. But naxals are creating law and order problem that must be taken into consideration.

  9. HI Aditya and sukhdeepak.

    These Naxals are Motherfucker. They Just pay 10 Rs. and looted BPL Rations or Gunpoint to Recruit Poor Tribals. Govt Offer BPL ( 30 KG Rice, 40 KG Wheat and 2 KG Sugar with 10 Litre Kerosin). which they just snatch from poor Villegers and Then resell them to hire cost. Tax them, do cangaroo court and cannibalise them.

  10. I really love it, The story of Red Alert: The War Within revolves around a poor tiffin-supplier in rural Andhra Pradesh, Narsimha (Suneel Shetty) who just wants to earn some additional bucks to support his family consisting of his wife Uma (Bhagyashree) and two children. However destiny drags him into the naxlite group led by Velu Anna (Aashish Vidyarthi), the mastermind behind the group being Krishnaraj (Vinod Khanna).


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