Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Restarting this blog - 4th Anniversary of Naxal Revolution

I have decided to partially restart this blog.This decision is influenced by many reasons but primarily because of the increase in traffic this blog has witnessed in the past few weeks.

The offline activities of the Maoists in India has in turn directed a large amount of traffic online with a lot of  people interested in knowing more about the Maoist Movement in India.

Traffic Increase to this blog after Dantewada Massacre.

Traffic increase to this blog after SPO bus was blown up and the second bump is from the train derailment.

In fact currently this blog receives more visitor traffic now than what it used to get 2 years ago even though I have posted only half a dozen times in past year.

Also in this month the 9th June,2010 is the 4th Anniversary of this blog.You could take a look at the first blog post here.It's difficult to believe four years have passed since I started this blog.It all seems like just yesterday.In the process we all have grown and our views have evolved.Many bloggers have stopped while new bloggers are there on the scene.

I have decided to break my self imposed exile from posting on this blog  and shall hence forth publish with an independent perspective on this blog


  1. 'Red salute'- Raju Jain, Geedam_ Dantewada

  2. Zendebad this Struggle but, isn't it getting close to 44th anniversary of May 4th 1967 when people dealing with landlessness and bonded labour for a year had taken the great step forward that makes people getting closer and, closer to a better, more bearable, in fact happy world to live at instead of being treated as a sub-human being? Anurdha Gandhi has written an original Marxist analysis of what Dalits (And Adivasis?) are in Marxist terminologies (is that available in English? Please post that)

    Salute to You and, memory of brutally trapped great comrade Azad will be burning every single Zemindar's life forevermore, before say 2061

  3. Correction May 24th


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