Friday, November 26, 2010

Leningrad of Bihar falls

The Left bastion of Teghra, earlier the Barauni Assembly seat in Begusrai district that was held by the CPI since Independence, was swamped by the Nitish Kumar wave today with the BJP planting its lotus flag on this small township that had been equated with the Russian city that was the hub of the October Revolution.

The CPI, once a major Opposition force in Bihar, has been left with only one seat —Bachhwara.

The CPI, in fact, will be the only Left party in the new Bihar Assembly to have a legislator with the other communist parties all drawing a blank.

In the just-dissolved Assembly, the combined Left strength was nine.

Ram Dev Verma, a veteran CPM legislator from Bibhutipur in Samastipur district, found himself pushed to the third place.

In a bid to revive its fortunes, the CPM had fielded Amit Sarkar, the Australia-returned son of Ajit Sarkar, the murdered communist leader, from its CPM’s traditional stronghold of Purnea. The ploy failed as the BJP won the seat, Amit trailing in third place.

The biggest blow has been dealt to the CPI(ML) Liberation , considered the most vibrant Left party in the state which stood its ground even in the Lalu Prasad era by ensuring at least half-a-dozen seats. This time it has won nothing. Its bastion in Siwan has crumbled with the NDA surging through.

“The results are unexpected and we will be analysing the reasons behind the debacle. Our candidates have come second in five Assembly seats and got a sizeable number of votes in a few others,” said CPI(ML) office secretary Santosh Sahar. However, the votes of the party have actually gone down since the last Assembly elections.

The party put up a brave front though. “Our political agenda will remain the same. We will struggle outside the Assembly,” insisted Sahar.

Analysts say the Left has itself to blame for its shrinking base. “Students and the youth are no longer attracted towards the Left. Issues such as land reforms no longer lure the youth. It’s perhaps because of the cultural changes taking place,” conceded a senior communist leader.

However, it is perhaps the EBCs (Extremely Backward Castes) and the Mahadalit card played by Nitish Kumar which has hurt the Left the most. This segment which backed the Left parties the most.

In the run-up to the Assembly polls the JD (U) organised an impressive rally of Mahadalits at Gandhi Maidan in Patna. The CPI(ML) countered it with an equally large gathering. However, Nitish’s promise to give this section of Dalits special treatment —- land, radio, education, healthcare and other benefits — appears to have worked.

The Mandalisation of politics saw the Left marginalised. Today, with Nitish winning over more sections to his side, the Left parties have been reduced to have-beens in Bihar.

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  1. You must be realizing your "aukat" (status) . Better leave this route.India does need your ideology. Communism is dead. Only some its parts are useful. They can be transplanted into capitalism to make it work even better.
    Capitalism gives hope for a person dwelling in a hut to dream and realize a palatial life. Dhirubhai Amabani is the example. It gives hope to a common man to become the leader of the masses. Nitish Kumar is the example.



  2. India is exploiting by imperialist countries. In this way poverty will be increased. Only Maoist are the hope for people. Socialism and communism are better future for humanity. Capitalism is going to collapse.

  3. infact socialism and communism are dead and the last nail is going to be hammered in its coffins.

  4. Socialism isn't dead. Proletariat in third world are exploited by first world and native capitalist. Revolution is one way to solve this situation.

  5. Those people who support the imperialists and capitalists come under the following categories:

    a. The direct supporters of the so called "Democracy" in india which is the worst form of corruption. These include supporters of Congress, BJP and Left parties.

    b. The fools in India who have no back bone and spine and just munch in Burgers, pepsi and work in Call Centers and keep worshipping the few thousand of rupees that the imperialists throw at their faces and these fools work 16-18 hours per day.

    c. The religious Christians and hindus who believe supporting America and Europe implies supporting Capitalism and church.

    The 3 of you are living in delusion.

    Communism in India will rise and capture India and it is not far when the red flag will shine in India.


  6. oh you self styled revolutionaries ,when will you realise that you people are totally cut off from humanity?
    i am not affiliated to any political party, i am secular and i am not working for any multinational.
    you guys think that you will bring change. this is impossible. nobody is going to support your perverted desires. you are alive because you are hiding somewhere in any forest or in any cave. you are feeding yourself by forcing helpless villagers to cook food for you. you are nothing but levy collectors. you people fool hungry guys to bear your flag by giving them big hopes. infact you are realising your own big dreams by amassing huge money. the poor are still poor. they have lost their all hopes of returning to the main stream. their children are longing for them. their parents would die searching for them.
    communism is nothing but propaganda devised by some cunning guys who never reveal their identity and keep on changing their name, location. when ordinary flag bearers are living in forests surrounded by mosquitoes, deadly animals and constant fear of encounter, the master minds are living secretly somewhere in metro cities in some of the costliest hotels.

    shame shame

    Mr India

  7. Shame on you Mr India. You are supporting imperialism. Systems must change. Slavery, feudalism, capitalism. Now is time for socialism and communism. This is evolutionary process. Capitalism has created seed of socialism. This is dialectical consequences of capitalists work. This is unstoppable chain reaction. India must be liberated. First World must be defeated. After China India is source of big amount of labour force.

    Long live India. Don't let exploiting your people by imperialists. Fight Comrades for socialism!

  8. continued from above>.....
    now you will say that you can not compete against money power and muscle power of the gundas of is not an good excuse.or you may say that i am deviating you. you should know that you are already deviated. in your support you may say that you are fighting against injustice done to you or relative or any other pwerson. you may also say that you want to change the system because it is not suitable or it is decaying. in this you are just limiting your thinking dimension. what have you achieved till date? nothing. you have lost your family, your society and your all hopes of returning home. aty the same time the goonda politicians and their companions have amassed huge amount of property. and you guys have been branded as villains.for this you only are responsible. remaining in the system and fighting against is the best option according to me.
    >> stop reading and think for a moment ....what will a communist govt. will do to be different from existing form of govt??
    in fact there is not difference. it is only a matter of difference in name. all are same. cunning guys rule.
    a cruel ruler is replaced to have a new ruler turning cruel.
    if you are able to read this comment it shows your are learned person from india point of view. then you must have sound thunking ability. i have not authority to make you think in my way but you can rethink your own thinking.

    Mr. India


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