Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Indian Army Base in Abujhmad,Bastar to become operational soon.

The Indian army is moving into the conflict theatre of Bastar, arriving at the doorsteps of what is arguably the strongest military base of the CPI Maoist - not for combat, as yet, but ostensibly for training. "Manoeuvre ranges have been finalised in Narayanpur district where training will be given to our troops," confirmed a highly placed official in the army.

Significantly, the hundred square kilometres identified for training lie in the foothills of Abujhmad, a thickly forested plateau, straddling both Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra, one of the only regions of India unsurveyed by the government, considered out of bound for the administration, entirely controlled by insurgents, and often described as a Maoist liberated zone.

While the army sought to emphasise that its plans are limited to training, and there will be no active troop deployment against the Maoist insurgency, sources in the security establishment said any training facility would necessitate logistical support. "This means the army would first secure the Kondagaon-Narayanpur axis, placing a large number of troops in a series of camps, before it moves inwards for the purpose of training, somewhere near Orcha in the foothills of Abujhmad" explained a senior official.

Since the Maoists ambushed and killed more than hundred CRPF men in Bastar this summer - incidentally one of the ambushes took place close to the proposed army training range - an intense debate has raged over whether at all the army should be drawn into anti-Maoist operations. For the record, the government has maintained that the army's role would be limited to training. The army itself has shown great reluctance for the job. But sources indicate the army has begun mapping the contours of the conflict, preparing itself for the eventuality of deployment, in case the government decides to declare Maoist affected territories as disturbed areas, like parts of the North East, or Jammu and Kashmir.

While one view is that the training range in Bastar will bring the army tantalisingly close to the Maoists, and hence could be part of future strategic positioning, another view is that the move is purely routine, linked to the army's needs. "Since the army's counter-insurgency training centre in Vairengte in Mizoram is under great pressure, the army has been scouting for training grounds in tropical forests, either in Orissa, Maharashtra, Jharkhand or Chhattisgarh," said a security expert. Recently, the army also announced the setting up of a peace time station, called a sub area command, near Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh, one of the few states where the army has no presence.

Whether strategic or routine, the army's move into Bastar would be significant, pointed out a retired army officer: "Look at this in the light of psychological warfare. It is like telling the Maoists, beware, the tiger is outside your den".

Read more: Finally, Army moves into Maoist territory - The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Finally-Army-moves-into-Maoist-territory/articleshow/7096294.cms#ixzz186kYitkW


  1. Proud of a country, better kept and arranged to avoid the conflict. Good news come like these.

  2. actually you urban monkeys ..dont realise the discrepancy between riches like ambanis and poor adhivasi..of chattisgarh...What will u monkeys do if you all get driven out of ur houses just for the reason that Mr Ambani wants to buil a Giant shopping complex...No Goverment authority listens to them ..so only resort left to them is armed struggle..
    Naxalwaadi Jindawaad...

  3. i know you will say that you don't fear death. everybody says like this. but everyone is deadly scared of death. and death is searching for you. each moment is a jeevandan for you. one single bullet is enough to close your chapter. injustice is widespread in our society. even the poor crpf and other paramilitary men know that. they are ordered to kill you. but they are no different from you.they have sold their mind, body and soul to the real culprits. but violence is never justified. don't mistake me to be Gandhian. yes off course the divide between the rich and poor in our country is very wide. corruption, injustice and poverty as well as lack of awareness and unity are the main factors for all miseries. taking up arms and fighting the culprits will only make the enemy stronger. they have have much larger pool of resources.even if you fight for 100 years you won't be able to win. just see your progress. in a period of more than four decades you have only made your enemy stronger. you may get fresh soldiers for your gang, but it will never yield any result. i know i am being monitored by state intelligence, but i would like to make it clear here that i don't support naxalism or maoism in its current form.if it talks of violence , i strongly condemn it. because the insurgents are not punishing the exploiters. they are just killing the innocent civilians and police. this makes their image suspicious.

  4. continued from above,,,,,,,i will write next part in coming days....
    please shun violence...
    Mr. India

  5. The People War is powerful weapon. Sources are products of People work. Capitalist and landlords without proletarians and peasants are nobody! You must fight, because you will not reach wealth of West, because West are exploiting India and thanks this can build high level of life in Western societies.

    Only socialism will bring India freedom!

    Long live Maoism!

  6. Disclaimer :The views expressed here are strictly personal or may be due to computer virus:Ill give u an option to m@oist since most of the political parties are not dependable . please dont trust . trust me if u can. someone is calling tat @BJP is supporting u but believe me its of no use untill and unless u take leadership in belgaum district in karnataka which got so many universities. if u get hi tech then only u can win your fight , but my suggestion a pen is much more powerful than a gun. warm wishes from me

  7. Disclaimer :The views expressed here are strictly personal or may be due to computer virus: BBjp wont let u give belgaum. their is a understanding between c@ngress and bbjp that they will kill maoist .dont think about me .im not a defence personal i just love my country . i have got lot of enymies.i like your ideaology but dont lyk the way u took guns. bbjp and congress are going to change their state in next coming election
    i mean karnataka will be captured by congress and maharashtra will be captured by Bbjp .belgaum is the place where u can be safe .

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  9. The common man of India is an unfortunate person. The Jihadi terror kills the common people with bombs in public places, his own government kills him/her by starvation with the huge corruption scams, incompetent governance & massive price rise.

    But the most unfortunate part is that even the self proclaimed revolutionaries are only known for derailing trains carrying the common man,blowing tracks,or attacking your avg common man including the poor/helpless policeman. Wouldn't it be great if they could be focusing their energies (in a peaceful manner) against a few corrupt individuals involved in hundreds of mega scams in India. Scamsters who roam fearlessly because the justice system is broken. A mere gesture of (peaceful) protest by these revolutionaries against these champions of corruption, grain hoarders etc would help improve their image in the eyes of common people, swell their ranks in no time without much effort or strategy because the common man is looking for a saviour..any saviour.

    Even countries like Tunisia & Egypt could be liberated with the support of the common man. The security forces don't attack people seen on the side of the common man. All the common man wants is someone to stand up against these corrupt people.

    But like I said India's common man is unfortunate with no saviour in site. Therefore I say down with this useless, pointless, jungle revolution.....please keep dying in jungles without much impact because you deserve it. If you had even little concern for the common man you would be helping her/him out in his fight against corruption. Within weeks or months India would be the next Egypt...but it's unfortunate!!!

  10. To the person above...you jungle monkeys don't realize the struggle is only against handful of corrupt people. Put fear in their hearts, in doing so you get support of this entire nation. Once you take care of just a handful of corrupt in a peaceful manner then this nation will rise up and take care of the rest for now they know you will be there to watch their back....you will have support of the masses..they will put you on their heads and make you the new rulers...

    Instead like jungle monkeys you are keeping yourself pinned down by the corrupt....who send armed forces to take care of you. If you had the common man on your side no security force would go after you...look at Egypt, Tunisia..when will you learn, grow up. Armed forces are not your enemy..they are helpless to take orders from the corrupt..But then you are monkeys who keep loosing this game by playing it by the rules of the corrupt...while the corrupt live fearlessly in cities ... you die in the jungles..maybe because you deserve it. Jungles were made for hiding.....not dying...

  11. A Urgent request to all those people who are supporting naxal.

    Please respect indian democracy.Indian government knows the value of our own minerals reserves.Recently it has started to oppose iron ore export.
    Indian private companies are as indian as anyone of us are.They have given employment to millions of indians who have joined middle class from poor.I do believe that there was too corruption in minerals extraction but since rise of media,every issue is coming to public .
    We know the ill condition of tribals and we can only develop the tribals by getting jobs to the tribal areas .

    I would support the movement of common mass but naxal way of torturing people is menace .

    You people force common man, deprive them of basic humane development,loot us and raise money from the loot money.you are no less than a terrorist coming from pakistan.

    If you have shame left in you and if your organization cares about indian masses,kindly get rid of violence,make a peaceful political party,get public support,get young mass support and join politics.
    Hire good educated bright students.

    Believe us we only want to solve the problem democratically.Every one of us does want the country to develop and we all believe in inclusive development and we also want to get rid of dynasty politics.
    We also want to have industrialized india similar to china which is 0% communist.They are more capitalist than any other countries..

    so solution lies in developing industries and giving jobs to rural masses!

    if your organization has any sane leaders who understands the language of peace,its the best time for you all to abjure violence and join politics!!

    You cant win our heart by obstructing violence in rural areas!!

    If you are hell burnt upon with your delusioned ideology,we will have 0% sympathy for you.

  12. I have traced some Ip who posted on this forum and they come from pakistan!!

    Indians beware of this forum,there are some pakistani people writing on behalf of socialist sympathetics maoist supporter!!They should better think about securing frontier province from taliban!!

    To all naxaites=>

    if you have want common men support,come to common masses.

    what you are doing is :similar to what pakistan was doing in kashmir!!

    i come from tribal family ,and i have no support for your revolution.

    if you want a revolution of mass,join politics,take war against corruption,believe me every indians will support you !!

  13. Comparing Naxalites with the Pakistan state that, is a mistakenly made state out of India itself after reformists request of British colonialists to pretend leaving India while leaving their whole infrastructure of exploitation is too absurd to need to be answered. What do you stand for anyways when you don't have the guts to say who you are? What is there similar with what Naxalites do for the Adivasis whiled Pakistan and Indian regimes keep on showing their might with their Nuke dildos?


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