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Search Engine Data for Naxal Revolution

Search Engine Data For Naxal Revolution Blog

We have decided to make public search engine data for this website, as readers of this blog you have a right to know who visits this blog and how they visit it..

As such we do not use any tracking service to monitor visitors on this website but because it is hosted on, Google automatically collects some visitor statistics.This data can be accessed by site admins when they visit and verify their blog ownership.

Also in August 2010 - Blogger introduced Blogger Stats which now automatically monitors all visitors and cannot be disabled.


Visitors from more than 150 countries visited this blog in 2010. The top 20 countries are given below : -

  1. India
  2. United States
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Canada
  5. Australia
  6. United Arab Emirates
  7. Germany
  8. Brazil
  9. France
  10. Singapore
  11. Italy
  12. Saudi Arabia
  13. Pakistan
  14. Bangladesh
  15. Spain
  16. Nepal
  17. Sweden
  18. Philippines
  19. Turkey
  20. Finland

Note - While it is not possible to determine the ethnicity of users, a significant percentage of users from abroad are PIO's and NRI's.

Browser Usage

IE          - 38.88%
Firefox  - 33.50%
Chrome - 20.01%
Safari    -  3.64%
Opera  -   2.59%

Network Analysis

An analysis of the network properties and ISP details of vistors, indicate significant amounts of traffic from military bases, police networks, various criminal corporations and international imperialist organisations.

Search Terms used to reach Naxal Revolution Through Search Engines

Search terms are the words entered by the searcher into a search engine such as Google, which is part of the query along with other instructions. The search engine will look for these words in the index and return the matching results, usually sorted by relevance.

Search terms Between April 1st - April 31st 2010  when there were many new visitors because of the Dantewada Massacare.

what is naxalism in india
official website of naxalites
origin of maoists in india
pro naxal websites
129-page maoist document
bela bhatia is naxalite
blogs on history of naxalites and maoists
maoist mind control
maoist sympathisers wiki
maoists+new delhi
powerpoint presentation of naxalite movement
appalled maoist compared to bhagat singh
are maoist and naxal same
are maoists liberators or mafias?
are naxalite-maoist good
are naxals same as maoists
areested naxal leader after 2007 with his name
aurobindo maoist
avakian naxalites
banned websites for naxalism
basic demands and ideologies of the maoists india
biography of naxalite
book on history of indian maoist to download
books about naxalite ideology
books on maoism in central india
can naxal be sorted out by power sharing
can the naxalites be defeated
chomsky on maoists in india
compiled vital details about the naxalite leadership in india
debra naxal leaders. 1970
difference between terrorists and naxalites
documantry naxalite
documentary naxals
documentary on greyhounds andhra pradesh
documentary on naxal
documentry on maoists india
does china help naxalites
does naxalism and moist the same
downlode salwa judum song mp3
dipanjan rai chaudhuri - naxalite
evolution of maosits and naxalites in india
founder of naxal revolution in india
fuck naxalites
fuck the bloody maoists
fuck the maoist
fuck the naxal
full information about naxalite with picture
gaddar email id
gautam sen ex naxalite
govindan kutty naxal engineer
hacking maoist sites india
hindi films on the naxal movement
historical photos of naxalites
history and purpose of maoists in india
history janashakthi magazine in india-wikipedia
how many naxalite in india
how maoist created in india
how much height enough to the ap si of police
how naxalites came into existance india
how one becomes a naxalites
how to become naxalite
how to become naxlalism
how to curb naxal revolution
how to handle maoists india
images of maoist march
images related to maoist
importance of cultural activities, shibdas ghosh
indian revolutional parties
indian revolutionary songs
indian website against maoist
is an armed revolution in india possible
is naxalite problem related to power sharing io india
jalagam vengal rao naxal
jpg free photos of naxal with gun
karnataka naxalite press conference
know about history of maoist in india
know more about naxalites
lal salaam quotes
laltara punjabi communist magazine
latest information on naxalites in india
latest on atack on crpf at dantewara
latest strategies maoists india
leader of naxalite
manifesto of maoist in india
maoist india army gujarat
maoists who r they & why they r formed
mavoist shamsunder histary
mother fucker maoists of india
motive of naxalite in india
naxal poems
naxal religion
naxalism and role of army national institute of defence studies
naxalite ,1980 ,mathai in kenichira
naxalite achievements
naxalite ethnic membership
naxalite mahabharata
naxals are not bad
number of naxal party in india
objectivesof naxals and maoists ?
official web site of naxal
official website of maoist india
revolution poem in tamil
revolutionary poems and songs in hindi
revolutionary songs from indian
revolutionary songs in hindi
revolutionary songs of the world
revolutionary songs+faiz+download
revolutionery hindi songs
rsearch on maoist in india ninth congress
tamil poralie tamil book april 2010
unknown poems against naxalites
vision of naxalite
what causes naxalism
who is naxalite in india
secret behind naxal maoist
solution to the maoist problem in india
some names of naxalites in india
spatial inequality and naxalism
techniques used in media
tel me something about the origin of naxalites
telangana armed movement (1946 -51).
tell me name of naxalites leader
university of geneva naxalite
urban mission of maoists
vandana shiva maoist
what about moist in india
what are the naxal agends in ap??
what do u mean by maoist in india
what happened in naxalbari in 1967
what happened to govindan kutty
what happened to the constable who killed varghese the naxalite
what is maoist issue in india
what is maoists india
what is naxal revolution
what is the cause of naxalism in india
what is the difference between terrorist and naxalites
the reason for increasing maoism in india?
what is the supremecourt verdict on blogging of ajith
what will happen to maoist movement in india
when did the split of cpi m-l begin
when does revolutionary violence become terrorist
when is red alert the war within releasing
when naxal revolution started
when naxalism started in india with photo
where are naxal leaders
which corporations are behind salwa judum
who's behind india's maoists
why is naxalism in india
why kondapalli seetharamaiah is ousted
why maoist india
why naxal revolution
why naxalism is growing in india
why not injured any crpf at dantewara
tamil poralie tamil book april 2010
unknown poems against naxalites
vision of naxalite
the naxalites + torrent

Five Ws of Search Terms

In journalism, the Five W's (also known as the Five W's (and one H), or Six W's) is a concept in news style, research, and in police investigations that are regarded as basics in information-gathering. It is a formula for getting the "full" story on something. The maxim of the Five W's (and one H) is that for a report to be considered complete it must answer a checklist of six questions, each of which comprises an interrogative word:
  • Who is it about?
  • What happened (what's the story)?
  • When did it take place?
  • Where did it take place?
  • Why did it happen?
  • How did it happen?
Given below are search terms and questions people are asking about the maoist movement in India and the CPI (Maoist). While it is not possible to list all the search terms , we have filtered the data for a given random period for the above 5 W's. The search terms given below are indicative and not exhaustive. Repetative and common search terms related to leaders and other aspects have been filtered.

Who - Search Terms

who are amoist of india
who are maoist ?
who are maoists blogspot
who are maoists/ naxalites?
who are moaist
who are naxal and maoist
who are naxals in india
who are nixcel in india
who are the maoist in india?
who are the maoists and naxalites in india?
who are the maoists in india?
who become naxalites
who fund the naxalite movement in india
who gave information about naxal varghese death
who gives the order to kill naxal varghese
who is a naxal
who is a naxal?
who is a naxalite
who is civic chandran
who is comrade ganapathy?
who is head of naxal in india? tell me his name..
who is helping maoist in india
who is maoists in india
who is mavoist in india
who is naxal?
who is naxalites writing?
who is now supporting naxalites in india
who is the founder of cpi maoist
who is the naxal general secretary
who kill the principal of jadavpur university in naxal period
who killed azad
who killed india by khwaja abbas
who killed naxalite varghese
who many maoist in india
who provide money for naxals
who stands behind maoists in india
who the fuck are maoists
who was azad naxalite
who was azad, maoist
who was murdered in andhra pardes
who was the chief minister when naxal varghese killed
who wrote neel darpan which is violet revolt
who's fighting in the naxalite-maoist insurgency
who's said "" tum humein kune do hum tum azaad desh bagat singh
whos ajitha pic
why tribals of orissa who are dying of hunger are influnced by maoists and naxalites
who funds maoists in india
a naxalite is someone who hates his country
candidate who qualified for oral test in gadchiroli police bharti 2010 gadhchiroli district
children whose parents killed by naxlites
india chaina who is the best friend of srilanka?
india today - who is a naxalite
information and pictures of sonia gandhi who struggled to learn and brought a revolutionary change in the lives of women
interview with ramachandran nair who killed naxal varghese
maoist india who are they
naxalites are people who have lost faith in administration
pics who are naxalites
pictures and information about people who fought equality for india
ramachandran nair the man who shot varghese
songs or poems on peasent women of india who toil dy n night
the foolish old man who removed the mountains (june 11, 1945)

What ? - Search Terms

what is maoist
what is maoism in india
what is naxalism in india
what is naxalism
what is naksal
what is naxalite
what is maoism
what is maoist in india
what is maoists
what is naxal
what are maoist
what do the naxalites want?
what europe think about india naxalites
what is maoism?
what is naxal in india
bhagat singh what is revolution
due to what naxalbari is spreading
india is not yet independent . what are the reason?
naxal revolution and what is the solution
naxalism in india what to do
naxalite what they want
palagummi sainath what is email id and address
raghuram rajan what does india want at the high table
what are maiost
what are maoist in india
what are maoists ideologies ?
what are maoists in india
what are maoists india
what are moists and naxalites
what are the achievements of mao tse-tung?
what are the locations in andhra pradesh for naxal camps?
what are the reasons for maoists fighting, blogs
what are the reasons to become maoist in india
what are the strengths and weakness in interview for secretary. india
what caste is civic chandran?
what could be the possible reasons that the tribals who are dying hunger are easily influenced by anti-government agencies such as naxalites and maoists in orissa
what did china's government wish to achieve in the great proletarian culture revolution and how did they go about doing it
what did rigoberta menchu experience during 1984-1987
what do maoists want in india
what do naxalite want
what do we mean by word naxalite movement
what do you do naxal in india?
what does f.a.r.c claim to want to achieve for colombia
what happened to azad naxal
what happens to a dream deferred?: does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? or fester like a sore- and then run? does it stink like a rotten meat? or crust and sugar over- like a syrupy sweet? maybe it just sags like a heavy load. or does it explode?
what how the needs to governs in an autocratic way were handled by lenin in preperation for marxist communism
what in difference between naxalites adn maoist in india
what is behind the murder of george reddy of hyderabad
what is difference between terrorist and maoist?
what is leading to maoism in india
what is maiost
what is maiosts
what is maobadi in india
what is maoism epw
what is maoist in india?
what is maoist india?
what is maoist movement in india
what is maoist problem in india
what is maoist video in india
what is maoist?
what is maoists and naxalites
what is maoists in india
what is media coverage of naxalites like
what is moaist
what is moists
what is naksal in india
what is nakshalbad power point presentation
what is naxal and maoist
what is naxal hicks in india
what is naxal maoist movement
what is naxalism and what are the causes for it ?
what is naxalism blogs
what is naxalism in india and what are there thoughts
what is naxalism, its causes and remedies
what is naxalism?
what is naxalite in india
what is naxalite problem in india
what is the difference between terrorism and naxalites
what is the final purpose of the naxalite or cpi-maoist?
what is the history of naxalism
what is the history of naxalites
what is the history of naxals in tamil
what is the maoist fight in india about
what is the maoist issue in india
what is the maoists and naxalites up to
what is the meaning of folkore gaddika
what is the next move for maoist naxalites
what is the root cause of maoist-naxalite violence?
what is the woman's name in the verrier elwin book leaves from the jungle
what is trend of maoist increasing their activities graph
what is your point of view how we tackle the maoist terroism as a understandable by people or by army
what naxalites want in india
what religion are naxalites
what religion do naxalites in india follow
what religon are maoist?
what role can human rights organisations play in making govts more responsive to the maoist movement
what want maoist in west bengal
what was mao tse tung's greatest achievement?
whats the maoists opinion on naga 10 irb
what is maobadi
what is naxal bad power point presentation
what is the ideology of naxalites in india

When ? - Search Terms

Not much Data

Where ? Search Terms

maowadi area where band is being done in bihar
photograph of datwara where naxalites kills 26 crpf
the 25 indian revolution on the basics of how,when and where
the place where rajan was killed
where about prabhakaran
where did the naxalite, maoist and india government war affect and happend
where is prapagaran living now
where maoist is present in india
where to buy the cyber war book in india
here is where maoist insistence on armed resistance to counter the violence of any oppressors has appealed to a large section of the oppressed and impoverished population.

i am mca holder and i want to join maoist army in india because i am not getting any job. where i can apply?

Why ? - Search Terms

why naxalism in india
why naxalite
20 reasons why prabakaran dint die
explain why mao tse-tsung did not want shanghai to again becom a grant city after 1949
naxal why
naxalite in india why
naxalite why
naxalites why we cannot destroy them
the beginning of maoist in india & why
why are the communists targeted
why are the maoists being successful
why did oslo peace conference fail
why did the naxalites invade india?
why is india on red alert due to maoism
why is there india maoists
why karnataka is not mentioned in poor states although roads are too bad there?
why maobadi is in village side only
why maoism in india
why maoism in india?
why maoist are becoming strong in india
why maoists adopt vionlence and not non-violence
why maoists in india
why naxalism
why naxalism might fail ramchandra guha
why naxalism movement in india
why naxalites
why naxals revolution came
why naxilits in india
why people becomes naxal
why there are maoist in india
why tribals of orissa who are dying of hunger are influnced by maoists and naxalites
why varghese was killed'
why we are naxalite
www.voa india china why china hates india
why creating cpi(maoist) in india

How ? - Search Terms

how to become a naxal
how to become a naxalite
debate on how to crush naxalities
how to become naxalite
how to join maoist
how to join maoists
essays on how to eradicate naxalites and religious evils
how agriculture can help naxalism
how become naxal
how can negotiating strategy help to settlement to the problem allegedly posed by the maoists in india
how create naxalite
how dangerous are naxalites in india
how days mamta bangerjee kept hunger strike
how did andhra pradesh deal with maoist
how did maoism start in india
how do naxalite +street plays
how do naxalite =street plays
how i can remove naksal from our country
how is india coping with naxals
how is possible joined ap maoist 2010
how many maoist in india
how many naxal in india
how many naxalite members killed in 1971 operation
how many states maoist movement in india
how maoism started in india?
how maoists naxalite formed
how maosism came in india
how naxal is related with agriculture
how naxal live in india
how naxal varghese was tortured
how people become naxalite
how realistic is cpi india
how strong maoists are in india
how to be a maoist in india?
how to become naxal
how to become naxals
how to contact naxalite
how to cope with naxlites
how to deal withy maoist
how to fight against maoist in india?
how to fight against naxal maoist
how to join maoism
how to join moaist
how to join naxal army
how to join naxals
how to restrict naxalism
howto suppress present naxalism in india

if the government of india wishes to achieve a long term settlement to the problem allegedly posed by the maoists, how can a negotiating strategy help?

Other Random Terms

indian pm gets a wake up call as brazilian peasents show strength of solidarity for indian maoists in brazil
show the pay slip of supreme court of india's employee mr.kannabiran in junior court
sib police india how it works
susital roy chowdhury
symbols used by naxalites in india to show protest and their presence
the 25 indian revolution on the basics of how,when and where

what did china's government wish to achieve in the great proletarian culture revolution and how did they go about doing it

what how the needs to governs in an autocratic way were handled by lenin in preperation for marxist communism

what is your point of view how we tackle the maoist terroism as a understandable by people or by army
saki making history karnataka peoples their past how to buy book
when and how naxalite maoist raise

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  1. In abt 10 yrs when you are a part of history you will be known and searched by terms such as "Jungle Revolutionaries". People who lived and fought in Jungles while the common man suffered in cities.

    The common man of India is an unfortunate person. The Jihadi terror kills the common people with bombs in public places, his own government kills him/her by starvation with the huge corruption scams, incompetent governance & massive price rise.

    But the most unfortunate part is that even the self proclaimed revolutionaries are only known for derailing trains carrying the common man,blowing tracks,or attacking your avg common man including the poor/helpless policeman. Wouldn't it be great if they could be focusing their energies (in a peaceful manner) against a few corrupt individuals involved in hundreds of mega scams in India. Scamsters who roam fearlessly because the justice system is broken. A mere gesture of (peaceful) protest by these revolutionaries against these champions of corruption, grain hoarders etc would help improve their image in the eyes of common people, swell their ranks in no time without much effort or strategy because the common man is looking for a saviour..any saviour.

    Even countries like Tunisia & Egypt could be liberated with the support of the common man. The security forces don't attack people seen on the side of the common man. All the common man wants is someone to stand up against these corrupt people.

    But like I said India's common man is unfortunate with no saviour in site. Therefore I say down with this useless, pointless, jungle revolution.....please keep dying in jungles without much impact because you deserve it. If you had even little concern for the common man you would be helping her/him out in his fight against corruption. Within weeks or months India would be the next Egypt...but it's unfortunate!!!

  2. India's brightest are killed by rampant corruption in the country but even more by the cowardice of so called revolutionaries who fail to step up and show some guts to stop it.

    These Jungle revolutionaries (i.e people who liberate jungles) live and die in Jungles while all the corrupt people live peacefully in the cities and the common man weeps in the cities thinking if only these fools could learn to fight a handful of corrupt people. Put fear in their hearts and remove it from the hearts of the common man. Down with such a useless jungle revolution!!

    We prefer to continue to die at the hands of the fearless, brave and relentlessly corrupt people like the Kalmadis, A.Rajas and many others....but at the least we don't want people living in Jungles to claim they are fighting for us...are they really? where, in the jungles? fighting whom? Helpless security forces. What will they get out of that besides ill will of common man by killing our brave soldiers. If you are the sons of this would be fighting corruption and the corrupt in places where billions and trillions are looted..not in Jungles.

    After we fight this battle on our own we will inform you in the jungles..then you can come part of our success. Till then please stay safe there in jungles while we bleed and sacrifice to death in an effort to get back trillions of dollars of looted wealth

  3. So called anonymous are ain't worth a Rupiah to be answered. Stick your Aryan egos into your own butts. cannot you see how murky and senseless is your statements? get a grip of yourselves and admit it. you are living on the blood of the indigenous exploited and disregarded Adivasis and untouchable Dalits. All power to the oppressed people and, the political power comes through the barrel of revolutionaries' guns into the heart of the reactionaries who support the Green Hunt hopeless mercenaries operations.


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