Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Support JNU Forum against War on People - Sign Petition

Dear friends,

Please Sign this Online Petition against the authoritarian actions on the JNU Forum against War on People by the university administration, and circulate it widely: http://www.petitiononline.com/jnufawp0/petition.html

With regards,
JNU Forum against War on People
A note on the petition

As you know, the JNU Forum against War on People have been consistently active in the last two years in opposing Operation Green Hunt, the Indian state's war on people. The activities and campaigns of the Forum has to a great extent mobilised a strong opinion against this repressive war by the state, which has made it a target of the JNU administration as well as the right-wing students' organisations. Now by using the pretext of an 'objectionable' image, the administration is conducting a farcical Proctorial Enquiry against the students associated with the Forum, and launched a witch-hunt for them. Moreover, it has effectively put a ban on all activities of the Forum including public meetings etc. by 'restraining' the Forum from all activities pending the enquiry. This highly objectionable and authoritartian act has been strongly opposed by the Forum, the student community of JNU as well as the teachers, since it is not an attack on one particular organisation, but on the democratic space and political culture of the university itself.

We, on behalf of the JNU Forum against War on People, appeal to you to support the struggle of the students in all possible manner. We request you to endorse and sign a petition to the Vice Chancellor opposing the actions of the administration, and demanding their immediate withdrawal. We look forward to your much-needed support to strengthen our collective struggle against Operation Green Hunt and state repression on the people.

With regards,

JNU Forum against War on People


  1. That is done; signers from abroad are okay on this, right? Is it okay to suggest it to others that are not residing in India as well?

  2. Shock of Reality6/02/2011 07:37:00 PM

    Operation Green Hunt must go on, until eradicate all these traitors. Good job CRPF keep up the good Job.

  3. Now i am seeing your real face. did you have nothing better than taking the side of the obsolete ruling class of India who want to let bloody MOUs (Memos of Understanding) become real and people's leave their generations of living whereabouts for some mining company? Long Live Naxalite and down with regime and, anybody who endorses Operation Green Hunt. As an Indian friend says, Zendebad Enghilab, Hind, Azad.

  4. Shock of Reality6/06/2011 12:17:00 AM

    watch this video and you would understand why communism is a threat to mankind. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2300254722104314948&hl=en#

  5. Communism? China and Kampuchea are as near to India and Nepal as one finds democracy near bomb makers of the US and Israel. China went wrong both when Mao was alive and, afterward. Can a warrior necessarily be a good statesman? Will the mistakes like the way Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution always be repeated? Without variety there is no evolution. Without mistakes no lessons either. Sudeep Chakravarti whose book, Red Sun is suggested below - a non communist author sums it well in page 210 that a successful revolution could end up with good or bad results through "instant justice", Mao's forced collectivize China farmer and all that. And how in fact hundred flowers campaign ended up purging rather than exercising people's democracy. But would you like teaching people how to plough and bringing more justice to women and children among Adivasi anywhere near say, Pol Pot's regime? Sorry, in essence East Asians and Indian people have different culture and "Karma's. In Trickledown article, Arundhati Roy correctly compares mainstream communists with capitalists who make industrial promises while, Roy wonders that perhaps after all living like Adivasis solely within forest wildlife style will be more eco friendly. But then later she also confirms she is a sympathizer:

    And communist? Was your indicated Tiananmen Square incident related with the communism in truth? No way. Among regular Maoists in fact, see

    In addition to "goddess of freedom" status there were red flags to. And in China today, online you can access Marxist Archive but, not Mao's writing. Doesn't that ring a bell friend? You have a no win situation. When in practice we have no serious alternative to perhaps the most obsolete feudal spirited caste, class system of India, who stands on the way of revolution of people except western imperialists, they local dependent ruling class and layers of their Hindu fascists and ....? This rotten Aryan racist's cancerous imprint in humanity has to go and Indian majority original people need their freedom.

  6. Hello Bastar - The Untold Story Of India's Maoist Movement by Rahul Pandita

    With direct access to the top Maoist leadership, Rahul Pandita provides an authoritative account of how a handful of men and women, who believed in the idea of revolution, entered Bastar in Central India in 1980 and created a powerful movement that New Delhi now terms as India's biggest internal security threat. It traces the circumstances due to which the Maoist movement entrenched itself in about 10 states of India, carrying out deadly attacks against the Indian establishment in the name of the poor and the marginalised. It offers rare insight into the lives of Maoist guerillas and also of the Adivasi tribals living in the Red zone. Based on exten- sive on-ground reportage and exhaustive interviews with Maoist leaders including their supreme command- er Ganapathi, Kobad Ghandy and others who are jailed or have been killed in police encounters, this book is a combination of firsthand storytelling and intrepid analysis.

    About the Author
    Rahul Pandita is a senior Special Correspondent with the Open Magazine. He is the co-author of the critically acclaimed book on insurgency: The Absent State. He has extensively reported from conflict zones ranging from Bastar to Baghdad.
    Edition - Published in June 2011
    Price - Rs. 250 (Shipping, Courier extra)
    The Book can be ordered from Utpal Publications - www.utpalpublications.blogspot.com/

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  7. Shock of Reality6/08/2011 09:26:00 PM

    I read you comment 4 times, but still didn't get what it means, can you plz simplify it? coz it looks like a stamped speech that political leaders gives to people to make them confused. :)

  8. sorry. generally, i am not a post revolution of China Maoist. on one hand, I personally don't stand for China's post revolution line. on the other hand though, the reference you had made of Tienanmen Square incident was performed by a Deng Xiaoping happening. He was the one who had written a book about being a rich communist !? and, he made things worse. Hence, China needs another revolution and, Mao's writings are banned. Mao was a great warrior but, not a state builder in MY opinion. Generally speaking, anyways, neither revolution of Russia, nor of China, were naturally grown revolutions and, they were largely affected with world war affairs. To make it simple, I generally believe that both China and Russia were built by wrong foundation of industry and communism. There is no guarantee that other coming revolutions will not have other mistakes but, the severely suffering Adivasis and Dalits, women, peasant, Rickshaw drivers you name them, belong to a totally different culture and somehow more tamed souled people. Look at the number of suicide among peasants in the central western state; look at many other peculiar behavioral elements of that culture. a heart and body of a being so much hurt and so much tortured for thousands of years, when it grows a new head, it grows a neater one, a healthier one. What are the Naxalite's demands anyways? what makes people join them? it comes down to, if you damned regime of India don't want to stop hurting us (as forest officials did before stealing and ... Adivasis lives and villages) in the least stop relocating us and let us live in our prehistoric villages and simple lives. that's how Adivasis feel i gather. and the Maoists? they teach them how to plough, how to COOPERATE among THEMSELVES and create their local people's governments (jana Sarkar or something like that it is called) and get a better deal selling your products.... Right or wrong, I don't know much. all i do is translate things to Farsi for Afghans and Iranians to see what Arundhati Roy, Ganapathy occasionally, late great speaker Azad, G N Saibaba and, present them to Farsi speakers as it is. Indian revolution is the hope of life in this criminal world of today. I only a translator and, if you have Farsi friends i would be glad to provide them with my five, ten polished and, a dozen of unedited and raw (need to be worked on) materials. Did it clarify a bit? I don't have to be a Maoist to respect people's fighting for their own freedom. and China is not a communist state at all.

  9. Shock of Reality6/09/2011 10:11:00 PM

    Unfortunately it’s not, it only rise up more questions. You said China is not a communist state at all, and then I was wondering which country is a true communist country. You said about mistakes committed by the communist after revolution? But I was wondering why they have to make the same mistakes in every country after revolution? I was wondering how industrialization of the society can be considered as a mistake. It might be true that there are some adverse effects of industrialization, but there are lot’s of good side of it. Thanks to it now we can afford modern health care, education, transportation, food supply, entertainment and lot’s of stuff. Why do we consider rich people as bad one and why we think all the poor people are good? To be honest I really don’t understand why? Once again I am drifting to other direction, sorry for that.
    My point of showing you the Tiananmen Square video was to let you know the difference between the single party political system (communism) and multi party political system (democratic). At Tiananmen Square they not only chocked the voice of people they also buried the history from their new generation. But in multi party political system (democratic) doing that is impossible. In the single party political system countries need big revolution like Egypt or Tunisia or Libya. But in multi party political system country revolution happened every day like India or USA. Everyday some of us go down to street with their demand, and we progress every day. Once martin Luther King said that democracy doesn’t mean all your problem will be solved, but if you work together every problem will be solved once at a time. And that’s why my friend I think Democratic system is better than all other political system.

  10. Hi Shock of Reality. I hope you are doing well. To comprehend each other why don't we get things straight? For example, in Americas, from top to bottom, Canada and Cuba have their better medical system…. Are you in India? Are you in the United States? England by any chance? The very latter one indeed has a pretty good medical system. That is true but, then again, if talking about Colonizers and imperialists of course there are better chances for the privileged peoples….
    Of course Martin Luther King (whose first name deserves to start with capital M) had said that but his saying, "if you work together every problem will be solved once at a time" thing, well, that is a general saying of his… I guess people get famous and valuable after being killed by the same people who either directly or indirectly caused their death but that, is certainly a different field of discussion. Dear unknown friend, my admiring Indian revolutionaries began with having a pretty near to your thought i.e. comparing China and India sometimes ago. And by the way, I have to confess while I am not in favor of China's great leap forward and, aspects of the cultural revolution but, since I am not a person who has read and studied a lot, I have to admit my judgment being not fair enough so I leave that part open but, to act democratically, please state your whereabouts and then we can continue our exploration for the truth. To play my part I admit that I was born in Iran and now reside somewhere in the United States (of America)'s western coast. And you dear:)?

  11. Shock of Reality6/10/2011 02:43:00 PM

    I am from India, State West Bengal, Few kilometer away from Kolkata/Calcutta.

  12. and are you residing there right now my democratic friend? For example, you were there during the Nandigram incident of people's resistance and, further defamation of CPI M and all that? And if in Urban areas supposedly there is a medical service, as you claimed, that service also serves the around seventy percent of peoples not in the urban area as well?

  13. Shock of Reality6/11/2011 12:36:00 AM

    Well Right now I live near Singur, but it's not so far from Nandigram. 3-4 hr journey. Ohh Once I leaved few kilometer away from Nandigram the place call Mahisadal(Haldia) before the movement.

    About the medical service? yeah it's not that bad either. almost 90%-98% people get proper medical service from govt and private hospital.

  14. And friend, do i have to list out what occurred there and, am I incorrect to say that there was plans to have a special economic zone to create one of those bloody Chemical factories somewhat like Bhopal - the terrible unresolved tragedy - and, to make it occur people were to be enforced to be relocated that is well marked even in Wikipedia and...

    Hold on, ninety to ninety eight percent of people get medical service?
    Which people? both in villages and cities?

    Readying that part gives me the suspicious that perhaps India is much cleaner and healthier than what media, left and right, Time magazine to economist expose now and then well, that could be all Naxalites propaganda?

    May be even the Super Bug or super virus thing is like UFO stories from some tabloids?

    I am not a strong and well organized debater. I do not like to accuse people to be saying lies and so forth.

    Since I am not there and, I am not in favor of judging you, there being a person who lied or, agent or confused, class rep. etc. and, other reasons, I choose to while still asking people here and there to still support this petition but, for now on this thread, with you I rest my case and hope history will make the movement with the best result for almost all innocent people, hopefully including you if applicable. :)

  15. Shock of Reality6/11/2011 02:26:00 PM

    Wait a minute…. Are you debating? But I thought we are discussing. There are some difference between debate & discussion. During a debate people try to win on thir issue, but in discussion people share their idea to know each other understand each other. There is always a winner & looser in a debate, but no one win or loose in a discussion. I am not interested to win or loose anything here, so if you want to carry on a debate then I am not interested, but if you want a discussion I am always on.

  16. Thanks for differentiating the too. Thanks for the good intention as well. As I said earlier, sometimes medications have negative results that cloud my ability to give the fairest response.
    Re debating or discussing, i really didn't no the difference.
    Wining or losing? Not really. In a way of speaking though, important is for a "discussion" to i guess clarity things for the third party people as we dig further into the matter(including you and me) to see the truth as it is.
    Hence, please understand if at certain place of our humane discussion certain class nature said things were intended to expose them, it does not mean that anybody from certain class or caste or what have you is the bad guy in My view. That said, I am here. But really as I asked is there a true over eighty percent fair medical services for Indian people? and many, many questions that naturally pop out in my humble curious mind, without being able to keeping my respect for your democratic nature while, my intuition to have unspeakable level of respect for say, "Comrade Saketh Rajan" who is also referred to within this site and its related site... Thanks for keeping our discussing field there and, at some point, for example another thread, may be soon, I will do my best to remember and, hereby i express my gratitude for what you taught me here. and please remember, last thing in the world i care for or like is violence but when people find no other way to resolve such deep wounds like caste and class division, then I believe silence is a service to those who not necessarily by personal choice but, some intentionally and many by being stuck in many, many social bonds, keep the archaic and heartless regime(s) running with false claims of democratic relations, be it by buying votes in India, Latin America... by giving people without electricity TVs and DVD players to vote (or food etc.) or, buying out TV times and uncountable ways of cheating "legally" and bring Bush, Obama, etc. to keep this machine running.

  17. Shock of Reality6/12/2011 03:45:00 AM

    I am glad to know that you are interested in discussion instead of debate, once my teacher told me that you need skill for debate but for discussion all you need is an open mind and independent point of view. But that’s another story let’s keep it aside now.
    Where I live near Singur, here the population is around 100thousand and almost every one can afford medical facilities, but there are few people here who are among the poorest of poor. Who can’t afford anything because most of them are immigrants from Bangladesh or Bihar. Most of them live on footpath or near railway tracks. But even though their number is not more then 10-20thousans. So technically 98-99% people can afford health care here. (If you still think I am over rating then I guess I have to make a video for you)
    You know my parents were also immigrants from Bangladesh and they also started their life from footpath, my dad worked hard and got a job, we moved to Bsati (slum). And after two decade we able to get our own house. So I have hope for these poor people that if they work hard they can also get a decent life.
    About the issue of caste and class division. I was wondering is India only divided on caste and class division? In reality India is divided in many ways. We are divided on language base; we are divided on religion base. We are also divided on regional base. And the funniest thing is we are also divided on political base.
    But I was wondering is Indian the only country that is divided in many part? You live in USA so I guess you can explain why racisms still exist there; I believe the people of America is more intellectual then us. You born in Iran then I hope you would know why the Arab world is splited among Siya & Sunni. Why people of China still fight among each other on the base of hun & Manchurian? Why there is divided among Russia and Chechnya.
    Have you ever wonder why there are divide among people in every country?

  18. Shock of Reality6/12/2011 01:30:00 PM

    ohh!! one correction, the population here is 10 lakh, not 100thousand

  19. here's the petition you ought to sign to wash out your guilty party brother Shock. Do it. Do it and join the people. It is never too late to join the oppressed. It doesn't matter if you start only as a verbal supporter but it is a good beginning for you. Sign it man and, get out of your shock and seizure status. Reality says, few own almost all and many, almost none.

  20. And pro democracy states like Australia expose the Reality. Don't get Shocked too fast:

    watch, learn.
    Laal Salaam S o R !

  21. hi i liked PWG group, until they were in AP, all forests and mines were safe, when they were flushed out of AP mainly Telangana, YSR family occupied the mines like Garla{Khammam}, the YSR's son-in-law... over took it... i dont know about maoists and their basic works, but i challenge maoists you can never win in India, and your life and movements are waste, as this people are corrupted by soul and mind, they all of them have taken their life as light as feather, if you split on their face, they just rub and go on their way. you are wasting your lifes... you will be dead one day by this corruption, as 60% of Indians are like this...
    Lal salute...

  22. Anonymous I just want to correct you, it's not 60%, and it’s 100%. We are not like Gautam Buddha or like MK Gandhi. We all have some good and bad inside us. We are not perfect, and that imperfection call humanity.


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