Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog Hibernation and other updates

Today I made some more updates to Saketh Rajan Internet Memorial

I added a Kannada article and posted Gauri Lankesh's article on Saketh Rajan. Also added photos of the protest after the funeral of Saketh Rajan.

New Mp3's were added to audio section - A total of 29 songs are now available for download - Revolutionary Songs and Mp3's from India .

The Humour Category on Naxalite Maoist India was updated with images found on the Internet - Cartoons Naxalite Maoist

The sidebar of the blog was re-organised and a link to revleft forum was added.

Personal Updates : 

I had restarted this blog after a gap of more than a year on June 9th, 2010. Yesterday was it's 5th Anniversary and updates will be discontinued for some time now because of various reasons.. Should the need or occasion arise, regular posting will be restarted.

Not that many of you would be interested in knowing what I am currently doing, but for those who know me, have met me and been in touch with me, I finally completed my Masters's Course the same one which I was studying with a CRPF IB official. I am now enrolled in a part time M.Phil course and there is also a full time job to balance.

It should take me the next 2-3 years to complete it. In light of new knowledge that is being acquired, I hope to make suitable course corrections and take decisions reflecting new understandings.

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