Friday, November 25, 2011

Kishenji tortured and killed in fake encounter

The killing of top Maoist leader Kishenji raised a controversy on Friday with his supporters and some political parties alleging he was eliminated in a fake encounter, a charge denied by CRPF which said it was a "clean" operation. The Maoists demanded an independent probe into  the circumstances leading to the killing of Kishenji in Burisole forest in West Midnapore district on Thursday. A call for a two-day bandh in West Bengal from November 26 was also given by Maoists in protest against the alleged fake encounter.

"Kishenji was killed in a fake encounter. To protest this we are calling a two-day statewide bandh from November 26 and a week-long protest," Maoist state committee member and spokesperson Akash told PTI on phone from an undisclosed location.

Rejecting the allegation, CRPF Director-General Vijay Kumar said Kishenji was killed in a 'very clean and successful' operation by the joint forces in West Midnapore district.

"It was a very clean and successful operation and our boys did not waste a minute," Kumar told reporters in Burisole forest in Jhargram area where Kishenji was killed.

"No, no, no" he said when asked about the allegation that Kishenji was eliminated in a fake encounter.

Telugu poet and Maoist sympathiser Varvara Rao also alleged that Kishenji had been killed in a fake encounter.

"Kishenji was arrested two days ago and kept in police custody. He was killed in a fake encounter. It is a murder case which should be probed,'' Varvarao Rao told reporters at Kolkata airport.

Rao had also said that the "story" of an encounter was a fabrication.

Maoist spokesperson Akash when asked to substantiate his allegation said, "He was arrested when our people were present nearby and then murdered in cold blood. We demand an independent investigation into the killing of our leader".

CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta in a letter to Home Minister P Chidambaram said, "The story of the encounter appears to be fake, needs to be inquired into and the government must clarify".

Questioning the manner in which Kishenji was killed, Dasgupta asked government to clarify whether he was done to death in "cold blood" after being arrested.

Dasgupta, who spoke to Chidambaram on phone, quoted a "source" to say that Kishanji was arrested at noon yesterday and "subsequently killed in a cold-blooded murder".

"If my information is right, then it is an act of dastardly crime in violation of all national as well as international laws," he said in the letter.

Human rights activist and the head of government-appointed interlocutors, Sujato Bhadra also demanded an inquiry into Kishenji's killing.

Samajwadi Party also levelled the allegation of a fake encounter and said Naxalism cannot end through "massacre" of Naxal leaders.

"The way reports of Kishenji's killings have come out, it does not look like Kishenji was killed in an encounter... It is a fake encounter," Samajwadi Party leader Mohan Singh told reporters in New Delhi.

In Bihar, the CPI(M-L) Liberation urged West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to order a judicial inquiry into the killing of Kishenji, just as she had demanded one for the death of rebel leader Azad in Andhra Pradesh last year.

"There is a similarity in the encounter deaths of Azad and Kishenji. Mamata Banerjee should order a judicial inquiry into the killing of Kishenji," CPI (M-L) leaders Raj Kumar Singh and Krishna Adhikari told reporters in Patna.

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  1. thanks to this article
    when we read in news paper kishanji killed in encounter, then i try to know the term og maoist, naxalites.

  2. this was provided by an Indian comrade on a facebook page... cannot read Hindi but face photo seems similar with fallen comrade... isn't it?

  3. see this article in telugu..

    makes some sense but, what is that you posted Mr/s anonymous? could you elaborate so we dig what it means?

  5. I think you should find and use some more approachable means to communicate the truth with the public.
    Make the public aware of your sufferings, because of which you are fighting.Because the people are comatosed by the capitalist society.
    You must use some more means of communication to make people aware of the truth.
    The truth that the government is wrong and you are right, that your fight is right.
    Why you are right and why govt is wrong.
    Why capitalism is anti-people and why communism is with people. You must tell.
    Hope you bring communist revolution and equality.
    Keep on going, never stop.
    We are wih you. Inquilab Zindabad.
    Lal salaam to Kishanji.

  6. Re:Green Red
    I mean that naxalites should enhance their dialouge with the public so as to get support of public.
    Like distributing pamplets, posters, on internet etc.
    Spread the word!

  7. Where is this green red anyway? reply or say something to defend your line!


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