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Kishenji traced through Sabyasachi Panda’s Laptop

Panda’s laptop helped securitymen lay trap for Kishenji 
Nov 25, 2011

A laptop confiscated recently from a top Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda’s hideout in Odisha is believed to have helped the security forces carry anti-Maoist operation against Mallojula Koteshwar Rao alias Kishenji. According to sources, the laptop was analysed by top analysts in Delhi to locate the whereabouts of the no 3 leader in the Maoist hierarchy.

According to sources, security forces including the CRPF had surrounded Kishenji and a few other top leaders in the forests of West Bengal on Wednesday itself. However, Kishenji managed to give police the slip only to land in the middle of yet another ambush. An encounter for half an hour resulted in his killing. 

Panda’s laptop is believed to have provided several important clues about the whereabouts of other leaders including another politburo member Akkiraju Ramakrishna alias RK. According to soruces, RK was earlier spotted in the Andhra-Orissa border. However, a miscommunication among the security forces in cornering him allowed him to escape the police net recently. Though unconfirmed, sources said the next target would be RK since his location has almost been confirmed.

However, the rights groups are crying foul at Kishenji’s encounter. They believe like in the case of ‘encountered’ top leader Azad, Kishenji too was captured somewhere else and brought to Junglemahal only to be shot from close range. According to sources among the sympathizers, Kishenji has a security cover of about 40 people armed with advanced weaponry and there is no way he alone getting killed. The other version that is pointing at the cause of action is the infight within the Maoist party.

Though the staunch supporters of Maoists rule out any infighting, sources said that the local leaders particularly the natives of the eastern region in the party have always been opposing the way Kishenji operated and did not like a Telugu climbing up the ladder in the hierarchy. “Undoubtedly there is an information leak from within the party,” a source said.

Source : DNA

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Top Maoist's laptop in police custody
Nov 20, 2011 

In what could be termed as the most precious haul so far made during anti-Maoist operations, the police have seized a laptop computer used by top Maoist Sabyasachi Panda alias Sunil.

 Panda's laptop was recovered during a joint operation by the Odisha Police and the CRPF at Kerubadi jungle of Kandhamal district about a month ago. Though all the inmates, about 150 including Panda, of a Maoist camp could manage to escape from the place, the police could seize a number of items used by the Maoists in the dense forests. One of the seized items was the laptop; a senior official said, adding that after proper verification by experts, it was revealed that the laptop was being used by Panda, who continues to regulate all the Maoist activities in the State.

 Panda's laptop was sent to New Delhi, where it was decoded and read.

 “We have found a lot of information like people in link with the Maoists, their future plans, their communication with their central committee members and the amount of funds generated by the Maoists in Odisha,” sources said. The laptop has many secret documents, which are in possession of the CRPF headquarters in New Delhi.

The information received from it is likely to be passed over to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. Panda is one of the three top Maoists against whom the State Government is planning to announce a cash reward of `20 lakh. Panda, a young, sworn Maoist, has given slip to the police several times. The great escape from the Kerubadi jungle is dubbed as the latest bid to fool the security personnel.

 “Information received from Panda’s laptop will certainly help as the police can keep vigil on the people whose names figure in the computer. The persons whose names are there do not also know whether their names exist in the laptop,” official sources added. 

Source : Pioneer :


  1. The murderer of 100s of people ,India's very own bin laden is finally dead..

  2. if my understanding is correct and this brother happens to be the same person I used to read about his .... some sort of talking and interviewing on the phone, more than one phone at different times and, happens to be the fellow who had lot of to with ... MCC friends who despite past misstep and disputing with People's War friends in Bihar long ago but later gloriously joined the greatest rising red star over the planet earth right on top of a billion folks many hungry India then, it really hurts. As much as we were hurt when another outstanding friend of the planet earth, comrade Azad and, a decent journalist along him were slaughtered somewhere in Andherapradesh... but still i guess west bengal is where Naxal village was originally at and probably was somewhere near Lalgarh... sorry, i am too far to know much but, fallen comrade, your loss hurts deep but, your shining path and footsteps for liberation of Adivasis/Dalits/sisters(and brothers) and many more than 99 percent of all people of Vadanta Madaram, Azad Hind will make flames to burn out all those corrupted and archaic elements that tens of hunger strike heroes cannot move a hair off of. You are as much deared as our grandpa Charu Mazumdar was and I am awaiting seeing Arundhati Roy or G N Saibaba write a comprehensive piece in regard to. Regards, a far cousin of yours

  3. This man, Kishenji is responsible for 'BEHEADING' a policeman from Jharkhand, Francis Induwar

  4. kishenji was the person who died for the cause of the people who belived in him and his ideology which made him a person where he stands today in the heart of those millions who trusted him and had been with him till his death for the same cause which he died for the sake of the people . no one can die or think of death for the sake of people and their rights in this present time and world which he has done when he left his home for the people. lal salam .kishen ji


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