Monday, September 10, 2012

Savarna's LOL and make mockery of Tribal Rights in Orissa

While the CMAS is doing commendable work clawing back tribal lands one inch, one acre at a time in Orissa , the Savarna's with one stroke of the pen have made a laughing stock of these avarna's.

Sabar Tribals protesting against Savarna Colonizers. 
Sabar tribe, who lost their tribal status in government documents demanded status back

BHUBANESWAR: People belonging to the Sabar tribe, who have lost their tribal status after being errorneouly spelt as 'Saara' in government documents have demanded the status back.

They alleged that since there is restriction on sale and purchase of land from tribals, the state government officials have intentionally mentioned them as 'Saara' which is a general caste so that land can be bought from these tribals. 

But this error has deprived them of their constitutional right as a tribal community, said Madhaba Chandra Dehuri, state president of Nilamadhab Adivasi Sabar Sangh. "While father belongs to 'Sabar' community, how can his son become a 'Saara'. Nowhere in any document there was a mention of Saara caste, but all of a sudden in different land documents they mentioned the caste to favour a few moneyed people.

Hundreds of innocent people have been paying the price for a spelling mistake in record rights," said secretary of the Sangha Prafulla Kumar Nayak. The people of the community have submitted several memoranda to the Governor and chief minister demanding immediate correction in the land right records, which has been causing immense problems to them.

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This is not a new phenomenon... but is an accelerating trend all over India. 

Tribals lose common utility area

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