Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Dalit Voice - Naxalism gets complicated with RSS & big business infiltration

The editor of Dalit Voice is a former Naxalite himself I think
This article should not be taken too seriously many of the accusations
made in this article are nothing more than passing rant's.

Manuwadi marxism ? hahaha....

Naxalism gets complicated with RSS & big business infiltration


On our first visit to study the naxalite problem in Chattisgarh (Sept.23-25, 2006), we were able to gather lot of information from the series of meetings we had at Raipur with journalists, Dalit and Tribal leaders, and some NGOs.

For the first time the Prime Minister himself in his Aug.15 “Independence Day” speech admitted the naxalite problem as a “national problem” and equated it with “terrorism”. But we don’t agree with his assessment. Naxalism is also terrorism and the two should not be separated but fought with equal determination.

Since India’s ruling upper castes (15%) are mainly urban-based and “terrorism” is an urban problem, they are forcing the govt. to concentrate only on “terrorism” (read Muslims).


However, not much importance is given to naxalism because the urban areas, where most upper castes live, are not affected. Urbanites are not interested in anything rural though naxalism is affecting a major portion of India and the Chattisgarh and AP states are the worst hit.

Both terrorism and naxalism are by-products of acute socio-cultural-economic deprivation which is affecting at least half the population of India. But the govt. is treating naxalism as a police problem.

The entire naxalite foot soldiers are our village-dwelling people — SC/ST/BCs, landless labourers or small farmers —who constitute over 65% of the country’s population and the worst deprived lot. The upper castes having scented the deep discontentment within the SC/ST/BCs exploited these innocents and taken over their leadership.

Both the Peoples War Group (PWG) and the Moist Communist Centre (MCC), now merged and renamed Maoist Party, are headed by Brahminical upper castes. But those fighting and falling dead facing police bullets are our people. That is why we are deeply worried.

The defeat of the BJP in the last election has made the upper castes realise that it is difficult to fool the oppressed SC/ST/BCs in the name of religion (Hindutva). But it is easier to exploit the SC/ST/BCs in the name of “class” (naxalism). Give a gun to the angry, deprived SC/ST/BC and make him kill the “class enemy”. And then the police, controlled by the same upper castes, are ready to rush and gun down the “naxalite killer”.

Naxalism has offered a short-cut to establish Hindutva — better than dividing people on religious basis by dubbing Muslims as terrorists.

Already the Salwa Judum is fully infiltrated by the Hindu terrorist party RSS cadres. The Tatas and the Marwari Ruias of the Essar Group, interested in mining, are financing the Salwa Judum. Both the Maoists and the Salwa Judum cadres are tribals and they are often made to clash and kill each other. The industrialists are interested in getting Tribal lands vacated to start their mining work.

Chattisgarh, particularly its capital Raipur, has suddenly started buzzing with industrialists interested in exploiting its mining wealth. The politicians are kept pleased with bribe. Its diamond mine has attracted the world’s No.1 diamond magnates, the De Beers, a South African Jewish business house.


The RSS-BJP, which is an upper caste outfit, is exploiting the situation. But if it has to shift its focus on Salwa Judum naxalite activities, it will amount to a course change from religion (Hindutva) to “class struggle” which is totally strange to the double-distilled vaidiks controlling this Hindu terrorist party. But the RSS cadres are enthused. Big money is coming from big business and while mingling with innocent Tribals in remote forest areas they get the company of drinks and women. Since the Hindutva heroes do not attach any importance to ethics or morality as the end justifies the means, they are going at full speed.

We had a meeting with journalists at the Raipur Press Club and being mostly upper castes they complained about the naxalite violence and fully defended the role of Salwa Judum.

Already over a fifth of India is affected by this Manuwadi marxism of the naxalite brand. Almost the whole of Tribal-dominated Chattisgarh is affected. Right from Nepal down to Karnataka through Andhra Pradesh the Manuwadi Marxists are spreading their naxalite net.

We have nothing against the naxalite rank and file because they are all our own blood brothers as SC/ST/BCs. Our complaint is only against its upper caste leadership which is misleading them and making them easy victims of police bullets. The principal problem of India is caste system (Brahminism) resulting in socio-cultural-economic deprivation of SC/ST/BCs (65%), Muslim/Christian/Sikhs (20%). Instead of tackling this disease, the govt. is trying to cure the symptom (law and order problem). India is already sinking. The Manuwadi marxists will further push India to the bottom. We admit loopholes in the Salwa Judum which again treats it as a law and order problem. As days pass the rural India is sinking. If the existing police-problem-approach is not changed, the whole country will pass into the hands of Manuwadi marxists.

DV Aug.16, 2006 p. 16: “Caste war within naxal leadership” & “Naxalism enslaves Dalits better than Hindu nazis”.

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DV Edit June 16, 1989: “Naxalites & Marxists join hands with NTR to crush AP Dalit Maha Sabha”.

DV May 16, 1989 p.10: “Khamma bid to implicate AP Dalit Mahasabha”.

DV Aug.15, 1981 p.5: “Caste prejudices among Naxalites”.

DV Sept.1, 1981 p. 6: “What is Naxalism?”

Maoist International tributes to DV : Supports Dalit revolutionary party


Maoist International Movement (MIM), the American-based Black organisation with a world-wide sweep, has taken note of you and Dalit Voice. Its website says:

The Dalit Voice speaks for those known in the West as “Untouchables” in India. “Untouchable” is a social status acquired by birth in India’s unique division of labor called the caste system — one of the most vexing problems in the world, difficult for people from other countries to relate to.

In that one acquires one’s caste by birth, there is a parallel to race as it is seen in the United $tates. In fact, in India today, quotas for so-called Backward Castes are an issue quite parallel to affirmative action in the United $tates. As we speak, privileged medical students are protesting against quotas for so-called Backward Castes for admission to medical school.

MIM supports reservations by race and “we believe quotas are necessary and especially useful in aiding objective thinking”.

MIM after studying the DV website has understood that there are three upper castes including the Brahmins in India. But it has not fully grasped India’s intricate caste system. However it has come to know that India’s caste system is unique in the world.

“What we can say is that India has arranged class organization differently than the rest of the world. Yet, Mao believed that even race and nation are ultimately expressions of class; more so this is true of caste”.

MIM says Dalit Voice has some good information on caste and other problems in India.

It says:

MIM has no sympathy for mechanical and individualist sociology but the question of whether entire organizations should be composed of Dalit caste people is legitimate. Such separate caste organisations if they form should work with all organizations of exploited people oppressed by U$ imperialism.

In other words, the MIM supports Dalits setting up their own revolutionary party. This should interest Gaddar, K.G. Satyamurthy and Anaimuthu.

According to the MIM, “On a theoretical basis it is not appropriate to say that caste is merely superstructural. (as Savarna Maoists claim). This is a big tribute to Dalit Voice. The Editor of Dalit Voice, V.T. Rajshekar, was once a marxist but he fell out of this manuwadi marxists when they refused to recognise “caste” as “class” under Indian condition.

It is likely that the DV family may find these two points positive.

Yet MIM is not correctly informed of the role played by Brahmins.

DV should convince the MIM that the savarna upper castes comprise the “middle class” as well as the rich. Not only that, DV has said how Banias helped the British East India Company with finance and supplies.

There are also instances like the Brahmin Peshwas joining hands with the Portuguese (or may be the British) to finish off Kanhoji Angre’s (fisherman caste) Maratha navy. Yet other instance is when Brahmin Peshwas joined hands with the English to defeat the nationalist Tipu Sultan.

DV also has enough information about Bania comprador behaviour. So, only DV is well placed to take up the task of exposing today’s fake Maoist parties.

Once DV exposes Banias and Brahmins as comporador traitors, any genuinely revolutionary Maoist party that Dalits form will be recognised at the global level by the MIM as well as several fraternal parties.

As things stand, the savarna maoists have already been accused of Trotskyism by the MIM. If DV can also get hold of the erstwhile PWG’s literature boasting of how it distributed Pol pot badges, our savarna maoists will be totally exposed globally. This is a task worth taking.

If K.G. Satyamurthy, Gaddar and Anaimuthu form a new revolutionary maoist party led and run by Dalits, MIM is most likely to support it at the international level. This would be the final nail in the coffin of savarna maoism. (DV Edit May 16, 2006: “Red star over India: Danger of manuvadi marxists further enslaving starving Dalits”).



  1. This material is a tissue of bourgeois lies.

    The first piece puts forward this line that Brahmin Naxalites are exploiting dalit/SC people. This is absurd, insofar as the leaders of the Naxalite movement, while certainly being from a more privileged backgroun for the most part, precisely therefore have given up their advantages to wage a war on behalf of the oppressed.

    The second piece completely fails to understand the nature of the MIM. The MIM is not a black group. It is entirely composed of college professors most/all of whom are white and male, and who probably number about 12 persons worldwide. The MIM moreover supports Naxalism.

  2. I agree with what you say

    This article is rubbish.

    What the dalit voice means is that
    the dalits on their own accord would never have taken up the gun and it
    is these adventurous upper caste leaders who are guiding them

    No comments on MIM


  3. First Brahmin Naxalites are exploiting SC/ST/BC people. This is absurd and absolute lie,
    Brahmin or Dalits they are declassifying themself. Second Naxal Leadership misleading SC/ST/BC’s and making them easy victims of police bullets (Many non-dalit leaders shed their blood to change the oppressive structures), this is the second lie, as a dalit and strong supporter of dalit liberation, we knew who mislead and make us victims of oppressed structures? Is it not the BSP, APDMS, DPI, ..etc.

    Most of the so called dalit saviours are NGO’s or supporters of capitalism or so called parliamentary politics (fake democracy).


  4. Hi.. I am Chittoor.S.Murugeshan, aged 40 , a Working journalist, editor of Indian political close up- Telugu fortnightly. I am giving you the copy of my mail to Sri.Parves Musharaffji, Honble.President of Pakisthan. Please go through it. It may help you to judge my way of thinking.
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    In, the same way I was communicatin,g my plan to the CM s of Tamil Nadu and Andhra. The CM of AP N.Chandrababu naidu had wrote a letter and promised for the appropriate usage of my *suggestions. But the present CM of State hadn’t responded in, spite of 1000s of remin,ders/10 days hunger strike etc.

    Recently I had complain,ed to State In,formation commission (10th of July 2006)..I thin,k it may deliver its judgment with in, days.

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    (Peruse for the post of online reporter /Translator)

    Name: S.Murugeshan
    Father: Late M.Sundaresan DTO
    Date of birth: 07-08-1967

    Address for communication:
    #9-333,Vanniyar block,
    Chittoor-A.P-1(South India)
    Mail : s_murugesan_67@yahoo.com

    Acadamic Qualification: (Percentage of marks)

    1.SSC(Tamil Medium): 72%
    (English Medium) 50%
    3.First 2 years of Bcom(Bachelor of Commerce)
    (English Medium): 35%

    Technical Qualifications:

    Type writing English Lower: Failed
    Command in: MS office,Internet Browzing

    Languages Known: Telugu,Hindi,English,urdu

    Story –Poetry writer
    First Story published in Bagya(Editor-K.Bagyaraj/Tamil cinie Director
    Many works published in Devi,Kalki,Vasuki,Aroodam,Anmeegam,Kavithacharan
    Story –Poetry writer -Reporter
    Many works published in Adhivaram Andhrajyothi,Kaliyuga naradha,broad casted in Cuddappa All India Radio
    Reporter in Andhraprabha(Telugu National daily)
    Essay published in Mystic India (English Magazine published from Delhi)

    Passed Praveshika Examination Conducted by Dakshin Bharath Hindi Prachara sabha,Delhi
    Worked as Hindi Teacher(Higher grade)
    Viswam vidyanikethan,Doddapuram st,Tirupathi

    Worked as:
    1.Section writer in OAP under the controle of District Treasury officer
    2.Checking inspector in pvt Transport Corporation, Shanmuga Transport corporation ,Chittoor-A.P
    3.Sub Editor in Deiveekamaruthuvam at Vaniyambadi (T.N)

    1.Participated in Elocution and Essay competition from primary school days it self.
    2.Got gifts from Late .Krupananda variyar at his visit to Chittoor

    Social Interest:
    1.Participated in college union elections got 468 votes and defeated with a difference of 3 votes,

    2.Inter caste Marriage

    3.Drafted fine plan for solving all the problems of India (operation India 2000). Even the Honble.Chief Minister of AP , Nara chandrababu Naidu had wrote a letter and promised for appropriate usage of the plan.

    Dependents: Wife and 14 years female baby
    (under gone family planning operation even before the delivery of the first child)


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