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Making History -Volume I - Karnataka's People and their Past , Stone age to Mercantilism -

Making History -Volume I - Karnataka's People and their Past , Stone age to Mercantilism

This book traces Karnataka history from the time of the first
signs of human habitation 40,000 years ago till the time of its
conquest by british colonialism.

How did the people live in the prehistoric period ? What
factors led to the rise of class society ? How did the shudra
holding system operate ?
How did feudalism come into existence in Karnataka ?
How did its various institutions such as caste and religion develop ?
What were the social movements ,the economic, political and
ideological factors leading to changes in feudalism ?
What characteristics did the modern mercantile state, formed towards
the end of the pre colonial period, display ?
Did semi feudal karnataka contain prospects for a bourgeois
democratic revolution ?

Basing on a wide range of primary and secondary sources this book
makes an analytical narrative of all these and many more

Contrary to a biased history writing it makes a
comprehensive and objective presentation of the peoples
history of Karnataka, adopting the methodology of
Historical Materialism.

The second volume is to explore into the impact of
British colonialism of Karnataka.

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