Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Singur Tapasi Malik(16 years) - Raped and burnt alive in Singur

Update: I found the picture of Tapasi Malik in better times.
I would like to credit a popular
bengali TV channel for providing this picture on request.

Tapasi Malik 16 yrs - A strong willed girl and one of the youngest and most dedicated organisers in singur.

The CPM propoganda machinery has launched a massive disinformation
campaign claiming that Tapasi had committed suicide,
to cover up the crimes of it's lumpen cadre and Calcutta Gestapo Police.

It is extremely likely that even as I type this all the evidence is being
systematically destroyed to protect the perpetrators of this
henious crime despite Buddhadeb claiming that he will hand
the case over to the CBI for an impartial enquiry.

Civilization has indeed died in the fields of Singur....

16 year old Tapasi raped and burnt alive because she stood up to the
CPM-Police-Corporate Mafia Raj in singur.

Pit where Tapasi Malik’s burning body was found inside the Singur cordoned area.(note- one can see the erected fences)

The Real Story and event's

At around 5:00AM on 18th of December 2006, Tapasi Malik the only young daughter of Monoronjan Malik, a sharecropper went out in the field to answer nature’s call. They generally go out at the wee hours in the morning but the spot is not very far from their homestead. The spot happened to be now falling near to the guarded area- the area that is now guarded with barbed wires by the state government. The state government guards a space of about 1000 acres to be given over to TATA MOTORS toward their mini car factory.

CPM goons and the police dragged Tapasi into the guarded area. She was then repeatedly gang raped and then to wipe out any proof of rape she was taken to a open pit and burnt off live.The abdominal area was specifically totally burnt off.

The villagers came to see the fire around 6:00 AM and rushed to the spot. The police appeared and did not allow the villagers to approach. They baton-charged them away, while they were frantically trying to remove the burnt portions of her body from the pit. The police then immediately declared that it was a case of a suicide.

They then caught hold of her father and forced him to write that she had some family problems that led her to commit suicide. Immediately the villagers pounced upon the police, they tore off all the papers and then forced the police to rewrite them. Meanwhile the leaders of opposition parties and the leader of the opposition in the legislative assembly came in and made the police rewrite the FIR.

The dubiousness of the suicide theory spread by the
CPM propoganda machinery is crystal clear.

1. A girl of a peasant family would have used easily available pesticides for that purpose but it has now been proven that a complex aromatic organic compound, more volatile than kerosene, was used to set Tapasi on fire. It was done so that no evidence remained,This has been confirmed by D.P. Tarenia, the CID inspector-general.

2. A girl would not spray petrol on her abdomen to get herself killed, generally people spray these stuff from above.

3. Why should a girl try to seek a pit to commit suicide and why should she first go down the pit and then set herself on fire ?

The pit was dug so that she could be buried and all her traces would disappear and she would become just another name in the missing list at the local police station.

4. Her hair was found strewn all over the different parts deep
inside the guarded area in different spots.It had been ripped off from her
scalp while she was still alive.

5. She was found with her tongue protruding out,
which clearly proves she was tortured before she was burnt.

6. Her loin clothes lay far apart from her body.

7. Why would a girl choose a protected area and heavily guarded area
to commit suicide ?

8. How can a girl like that get into such a heavily guarded area
if she even wanted to ?

9. Why did the police try to push a statement through her
father that she committed suicide ?

10.The cuts on her ankles, has now led the CID to believe that she was
dragged through the field by her hair....

This was the horror of the last moments of Tapasi Malik's short life .
These are the unanswered questions to this fantastic suicide theory
spread by the CPM propoganda machinery.

What has really happened behind the scenes.

1. Tapashi - 16 year old peasant girl was actually a leading figure in organizing the movement from the field. She did not shift places to be in the limelight when the press came. She was embedded there. A girl who while still in her school led the sit in hunger strike at the main village. She was actually coming closer to the Naxalites.

2. CPM goons were targeting her right from the day they started pouncing on the villages. She however averted arrest and that is why the police and the CPM cadres were all seething with rage and were waiting for the opportunity to settle scores which presented itself yesterday.

3. She is one among a handful of young girls who organized the movement at the grassroots level.

4. CPM local leader Bimal Safui conspired to “teach her a lesson” and these goons and the police declared that openly, while ferreting suspected naxalites from the villages.

Tapasi is the second martyr , the first one was Rajkumar Bul who succumbed to the police lathicharge on 25th of September. Tapasi’s death was brutal. The people now are far more united and now they are on the ground fighting. The whole of West Bengal is now volcanic. Peasants of areas that have been targeted for forcible taking over are up in arms and have now vowed to engage in militant resistances.

Tapasi lives now and will live as long as the peasantry will
continue to fight against the marauders and
capitalist roaders.

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biased media reporting.


  1. Tell me one thing - how is Mamta Banerjee alive and shouting after not eating for 15 days..Bloody crook.

    What prevents her from having got the girl killed ? CPM and Cal police are not stupid to leave evidence for easy recovery if they had actually killed the girl.

  2. @ Anshu

    Did your mother drop you on your
    head when you were a kid ?

  3. See I can trust all your feelings and facts...but do you believe CPM Govt. is stupid enough to do such crap?

  4. Abhay .. Nothing of that sort happened to me. I am just talking pure logic. No one can be sitting and shouting after 16 days of not eating. In her quest for publicity , I am not sure to what levels Trinamool would stoop.. How can you rule out that possibility.. and instead of arguing logically - why are you talking random things ? Because there is no logical explaination ?? so you go on the offensive.. very funny..

  5. CPI(M) may be the worst political party in the world, but would you not admit of their shrewdness or cunning, considering the fact that at least some amount of that is required to rule a state for 34 years?? Then why should they do such a thing when the entire national media is panning their camera at Singur, pretty much knowing the fact that CPI(M) would be blamed by the entire opposition for that? Even if CPI(M)wanted to liquidate the girl, why would they do that at that very sensitive area? If the police is fully supporting them, they could have easily abducted the girl from that area and had done whatever they wanted with her and could have similarly disposed off her body in some other area and a case of a person missing from her home would have been lodged. That would have been much cleaner an act and much safer.

  6. @Kinjal - my thoughts exactly..

    Any such incident could only create trouble for CPI(M) and would be good news for Mamta whose fake hunger strike has become the joke of the town.. To gain attention , the easiest thing she could have done to get this girl killed and create chaos. This is just a conspiracy theory I have.. But then - people who are blaming CPI(M) also have no proof and are talking theory..

    It is a question of incentive - Trinamool has incentive to create such incidents to embarress CPI(M) and gain publicity on an issue which was slowly going out of flavour with media.

    CPI(M) on the other hand had all the incentive in the world to prevent such an event from occuring..

    What has happened to CPI(M)in my view - ( NOTE : my view - which need not be correct ) is similar to what would happen to any innocent person who is caught with a dead body in the boot of his car.

  7. @Anshu

    There must be somthing wrong with your logic only a person with a very warped view will claim that Mamta herself did this ...

    Yes the CPM is very smart that's why their lumpen cadre and goons couldn't have done it.

    Yes she was raped and killed by naxalites and trinamool congress workers

    If that makes you happy
    Now please go away
    and let us mourn our sister in peace.

  8. Abhay... its really sad that Tapasi got raped and killed... which is beyond this blame game and politics...

    But I cannot discard the logic of Anshu... Mamata can do anything and everything to turnover this government on its head... I am not a CPM follower nor a trinomool follower... but its very likely that Trinomool did this as explained by Anshu... There's absolutely no logic why CPM would do this... she is just a pawn in the hands of our political goons...anywayz, may Tapasi's soul rest in peace...

  9. This is absolutely ridiculous. To assume that Mamta Banerjee was instrumental in getting the girl raped, to stop tata tfrom building the plant. Alternately, I would assume that the rape and murder was planned at the highest level, either by the CPI(m), the state govt or by Ratan Tata HIMSELF. Considering that his firm was instrumental in the mass murder of 12 tribals in Kalinganagar at the beginning of the year, murder of an aid worker in Bangladesh in July 2006, murder of two protesters in Bastar in March 2006, it is not very hard to imagine that Tata were themselves involved in the latest incident.

    I find that the people who are supporting the incidence of rape, are nothing but rapists themselves. Shame on them. Think about the woman at least. The state govt., initially refused to press charges of rape in this particular case. The public outcry led to a CBI inquiry being ordered only on the murder.

  10. My dear Ansu, perhaps you don't know that a person can remain alive for about 2 and a half months without food.
    And the body was found in the acquired land.
    How can Trinamul kill her as the land was guarded by CPM lumpens and police?
    So stop spreading this trash!

  11. Its sad that one girl is gand raped and killed. But it can be like villagers did it to just create a issue against the Govt.

  12. @ Anshu (and others):

    16 days is much?? hell no! remember our freedom fighter heroes bhagat singh and his junta? how long did they fast for? 114 days! now if they can go without food and water for 114 days and still be shouting their asses off then 16 days is nothing!! this is my logic. buddhadeb says land acquisation law does not make it mandatory to seek consent...which is holy shit! mamata's protest is therefore, even to wake up the law makers and review the laws which only exploit the people!! i still am ready to agree that mamtata auntyji is doing this for publicity...but at least shez doing sumthing good!!! where do JRD Tata's business morals and ethics go when the firms are run by Ratan?

    these people are only yanking about GDP growth...but what about development? and when somebody questions the govt. in a DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA...what do they get? i hate to say this but today we Indians should feel ashamed of ourselves...this is perhaps the lowest ebb to which our civilisation could ever have fallen!!

    and one more thing...even some of our leftist comrades are a blight on marxist ideology. all they want to do is replace the existing mafia raj with their what's the difference? we need the REAL marxists amongst us to get together and do things. Indian politics is going down the drain...shame on all of us! growth by exploiting more than 10,000 poor peasants..disgusting!

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  22. Pit where Tapasi Malik’s burning body was found inside the Singur cordoned area.(note- one can see the erected fences) The pit was dug so that she could be buried. WHY CBI NOT ENQUIRED REGARDING WHO DUG THIS PIT AND WHY SUCH A BIG PIT THEY NEED. THIS QUESTION WOULD HAVE SOLVED MANY MISTRY.

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  24. A 15-year-old brahmin girl was today allegedly raped by two youths when she was returning from her school in Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir, police said.

    The girl, a class ninth student, was on her way back home after collecting her marksheet when Sham Singh and Sohan Singh allegedly took her to Doli forest area of Kalakote tehsil and raped her.

    They later tried to kill the girl, police said, adding her cries drew passers-by attention following which the duo fled.

    The two youths were arrested from a nearby forest area on the basis of the victim's complaint.

    The girl was sent for medical examination, police said.

  25. Well, these kind of incidents would invariably shout and sing the barbaric and inhuman part of politics which is slowly and gradually eating up this pious, peaceful and secular nation. These, incidents would continue happening if the common mass especially the educated segment do not realize their social obligations (truthfulness, honesty and the courage to fight for truth) and tolerate anything similar happening around.

    It's very much evident that this heinous, barbaric, uncivilized and pathetic act is not just for an instant pleasure and is not the deeds of small time goons or punks but it was a premeditated act of vengeance taken on a local hero who stood against the illegal and socially unacceptable activities trying to devastate her village and community.

    It would be unfair on our part to blame any party or any individual rather we should condemn and combat such uncountable incidents happening around us in order to prove a point to those parasites and bugs of the society who dare to give birth to such terrorizing memories in the history of mankind. Until then we should consider ourselves responsible for the same.

  26. Tapasi was having amorous relations with several men and getting pregnant out of wedlock due to which her father beats her to death and dumps her charred body in the erstwhile Tata Motors premises. This story needs one evidence. Evedence of Tapasi's pregnancy. Did CBI ever enquired about the pregancy of tapasi malik ?

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