Saturday, July 28, 2007

Observe Martyrs Week, July 28 - August 3 - CPI(Maoist)Karnataka State Committee

Source: Received via email

July 28 is very important day for Indian revolutionary people, on that day of 1972, great revolutionary leader comrade Charumajumdar martyred. He was killed by ruling class forces in the prison. We are observing that day as martyrs day for commemorating martyrdom of thousands of great revolutionary leaders and masses. Charu majumadar and com. Kannai chatterjee were gave turning point to the Indian revolution. They fought revisionism with deadly blows of revolutionary ideology and actions. From Naxalbari to till now hundreds and thousands I,e more than 10000, of revolutionaries martyred for the new democratic, socialist and communist cause.reactionary ruling class and its killer force of goons killed them.

After formation of the merged new party CPI (Maoist), more than 500 revolutionaries killed by reactionary forces. In Karnataka after merger 9 revolutionaries and people killed by the state mercenary forces.

Com. Shamsher Singh Sheri ; central committee member and politburo member, martyred from brain fever,. Com. Vadkapuram Chandra Mouli; central committee member and central military commission member, com. Saroja; district committee member ,com. Padma; state committee member, com Sende Rajamouli; central committee member and Karnataka secretary were caught by the AP police, severely tortured and murdered cold-bloodedly.

In Karnataka com. Saketh rajan, com. Parvathi, com. Hajima, com Shivalingu,com.Ajith kusubi, com.Umesh sabli, com.Dinakar,com.Chennappa and the struggling poor adivasi people of atyadka and vaderamata com. Parmeshwar,Ramegowdlu,Kaverakka were murdered by state police goons.

Prior to this chitradurga,s com.Koganoor Goneppa, com Prasad of kolar, com Bhaskar of sreekaakulam; who worked in Raichur, com. Buddanna of raichur were killed by ruling class forces.

There were hundreds of such martyrs from central committee members to revolutionary masses, who laid their life for cause of the people and revolution; hundreds of revolutionary people were massacred by state sponsored selva judum,TPC and Sendra goons in Jharkhand, Bihar and Chattisghad. They dreamt to thrown away yokes of feudal, comprador bureaucratic capitalists and imperialism. For making it into reality they personally engaged and sacrificed their life. They made hard and serious efforts for changing this rotten and cruel social system by uncompromising struggle. They chilled their blood and made the revolutionary movement stronger and bigger, that spread into the four corners of the India presently, with giving shining new hopes and confidence among toiling and democratic people of India.

We are remembering all those great revolutionary leaders and masses heart fully by hailing their martyrdom, dreams and spirits.

We are paying revolutionary red salutes to all martyrs of Indian revolution with taking oath to fulfill their aspirations by building revolutionary movement stronger.

We are calling all our cadres and revolutionary masses to observe martyrs week with commitment and dedication by taking all good and great revolutionary lessons and spirits from them. Take their dreams, aspirations and ideas among the common and democratic people as they are the real heroes of social change.

Martyrs are immortal. Let their aspirations into reality.

Hold high the revolutionary martyrs and their revolutionary ideas.

Com. Charu majumadar, com. Kannai chatterjee amar hai

Make a success new democratic revolution of India by building strong revolutionary movement and fighting back enemy offensive.

Let us build strong revolutionary movement in Karnataka by organizing masses and fighting enemy offensive.

Let flower of revolution flourish

Long live great revolutionary path of Naxalbari

Long live Marxism,Leninism,Maoism.

With revolutionary greetings

for the statecommittee


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