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Naxal Revolution Archives

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Partial Index of Important Documents ( Randomly chosen )

Interviews with Com Ganapathy, Currently
General Secretary of the CPI(Maoist)

Unification is the only way to advance the cause of the Indian revolution'

as General Secretary of CPI(M-L)Peoples War
(1998 -

The People's War always repay's its blood debt

2000 )

Reply to letter by Independent Citizen's Initiative
on Dantewada


Interview with Ganapathy, General Secretary, CPI(Maoist)-
(2007 Peoplesmarch )

Other Interviews

March 2001 issue of Poru Mahila, the organ of Krantikari 
Adivasi Mahila Sanghatan, DK.

"India: A Catastrophe or a Break with Imperialism"
-Interview with

GN Saibaba of the RDF (Interview by Lars Akerhaug ,Norway, December 2007)

Inside Look at Maoist Strategy in India Part 1 , Part 2 (2008 March)
Interview with G.N Saibaba by Norwegian revolutionary 
socialist party Rødt [Red!]

Interview with Naxal Leader Ganesh Ueike
(2006 NDTV )

Exclusive interview with CPI(Maoist) Spokesperson Comrade Azad on
Nepal Developments

(2006 Peoplesmarch)

Naxal Revolution Exclusive - Interview with Mr P Govindan Kutty ,Editor of Peoplesmarch(Voice of the Indian Revolution) - An magazine considered sympathetic to the CPI(Maoist)(2006

Chat Transcripts with Vara Vara Rao
- A revolutionary writer
based in Andhra Pradesh

"All revolutionary ranks must unite" - Interview with Prasad , CCM of PW
(1998 )


CPI(Maoist) Reply to break away faction in Karnataka - The Karnataka
Maoist Swatantra Kendra

(2007 Peoplesmarch )

‘ Maoism or Mao Thought ? ’ - A booklet on ideological debate
published by Janamuktikami Prakashani .

Press Releases of the CPI(Maoist)
Recieved via email from unknown individuals
Press releases of CPI(Maoist)

author Sudeep Chakravarthi's response
Kranthi Patha - Kannada magazine

Through the Eyes of the Police Naxalites in Calcutta in the 1970s

Naxalite Movement and Cultural Resistance
Experience of Janakiya Samskarika Vedi in Kerala (1980-82)

Andhra Pradesh: Women's Rights and Naxalite Groups

Fatalities : State and Maoist Violence for the years 2005 and 2006

Class Analysis of Indian Agriculture

Naxalites Today

Communist Parties of India List on Wikipedia

The economist-India's Naxalites : A spectre haunting India

Guardian Article Inside India's hidden war - Mineral rights are behind clashes between leftwing guerrillas and state-backed militias

Vice Magazine-In the name of Mao, India pick's up the slaughter

A State at War With its People Anything goes against the Maoist insurgency in Central India

Student Politics

The Life and Struggle in Regional Engineering College, Durgapur
1966 to 1970

Summer of '69 in St Stephen's

Shining Path

Urban Guerillas

Criticisms of Maoists by other Groups/People

SUCI's criticism of the Naxalites

What threatens the State - Arms or Ideology

RCP Karnataka Documents 
Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP)  was formed by a section of 
the members of CPI (Maoist) Karnataka state unit. 

Other Articles 

A compilation of articles on the History of the Naxalite Movement in India 
from various journals by Harsh Thakor 

Legacy of Indian Maoism-A Tribute to Tarimala Nagi Reddy’s 30th death anniversary and the 60 th anniversary of the launching of the Telengana Armed Struggle. - By Harsh Thankor

Commemorating 10th death Anniversary of Comrade Ashok Janaradhan
24th JUly1998)-A tribute to Andhra Pradesh Radical Students Union.

In commemoration of 30 years since founding of C.P.I.(M.L) Unity Organisation
- -formed in November 1978. In memory of Comrade Ajoy. (Parimal Sen)

Significance of formation of the Communist Party Reorganization
Centre of India (Marxist Leninist) or the C.P.R.C.I. (M.L)

Burning punjab : A history of communist revolutionaries in punjab
- Compiled from revolutionary Journal the 'Comrade" and from
publications of the 'Surkh Rekha' a democratic journal of Punjab
as well as reports of Lok Morcha , Punjab.

Important Web Links

Making History I - By Saki(Saketh Rajan)
Memories Of a Father - Prof T V Eachara Varier.
A book on slain naxalite sympathizer P Rajan

Liberation archives

About Liberation

Liberation, the monthly central organ of the undivided Communist Party of India (Marxist - Leninist) (CPIML), was first published in November 1967. Through intense state repression and terror perpetrated by various political parties, the monthly continued to be published except for a brief hiatus in the early 1970s.

Issues of the monthly will be archived here till 1972.
While studies of the Naxalbari movement have continued over the decades, there has been a conspicuous lack of widespread availability of the literature of its main protagonist, the CPIML. Through this archive, we hope to fill this lacuna, thus enriching the debate for scholars and activists alike.
The archival material has been sourced from the personal collection of Suniti Ghosh, Central Committee member of pre-split CPI(ML).
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  2. There was always ideologies who support blood shed for th cause of a better world. In that process they cause more harm to the society than they would would have otherwise. Development is one issue, violence and causing damage to the public property ts totally a different issue. You fools believe violence is the solution for development. All these energy should be spent on making a better life to the people around not killing some poor police man. Ok, imagine you gain power and you rule. What will you do. Do you think you can solve the problems in a large and diverse country like India in a day or in an year. What will you have done different and make the billion people's life better. Who give you the right to kill, more over who give you the right to destroy railway stations and schools. It is ironical that you destroy things which are of use to the people. Home minister is right, destroy the naxals first, tackle the issue of development seperatley. Go to hell. A common man.

  3. the point is they r nt going to the hell...they r spreading...if we study their development of liberated zone nd struggle area it has turnd nw d 35% of all india!!!! nd during d yrs2006-2008 has spread rapidly!!! how this can b xplained??? only violence cant do needs some positive politics nd also excercisng of alternative economical nd political system... i thnk dey r doing dis..n d region of most backward nd neglctd part of our country...lakhs of adivasi people r wid them so dey r gainng dis nly cant b lyk dat.widout showing d people a better lyf dan dey were livng nd widout practicing d total decentralization of pwr amng d people it cant b done.our state is tryng 2 abolish these men since 70s..but aftr lots of set backs..dey hav stood still..nd wid a stnger political massbase everytym...dis problem cant b solved lyk our home minister has said..dis lies elsewhere...dis lies n d dreams dey r visionng nd r determined to fulfill..its abt d dream dey r showng the poor,oppressd men,women nd child who hav never came 2 knw abt der rights...a dream of better lyf...a lyf widout exploitation.d rootcause of d problem is here i thnk.before giving ny comment we should study immensely abt the condition of d people of the moaist prone areas..of d past nd presnt.we shld study abt d theory dis people belief..also we shld keep n mind abt d role of d othr political parties or our democracy(d biggest paradox)n oppressng people..den we can judge dis people rightly..


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